Treasure Chest Thursday: Our Wedding Book


You might have thought to yourself that I was done with the family tree that I made last week. Well, as an over-analyzer, I am definitely not done. If you want to blame anyone, feel free to blame Great Grandma Llewellyn. She left me all these records and what kind of genealogist would I be if I didn’t pull out every scrap of information I could?


You see, I have more names to get through. First things first, we have to get the family members out of the way. Then, we will see what all is left and see who we have. This is the bridal party. All familiar names, any names that aren’t family are instantly recognized because of The Diary of Llewellyn. I need to remind myself to index that so that it is easier to follow. I guess that would be a good use of that Genealogy Task Tracker I have. 😉


First off, hats off to Mr. B. F. Oakley, Jr. who wanted to make it clear – still single. Ha! I see two aunts, an uncle and a Walker on this page. The Walker might be connected, I’ll have to check that.


Oh boy, more familiar names! I’m 80% positive that Armstrong was the surname of one of the priests at Llewellyn’s church. Then we have the Moores showing up in droves. Excuse my yell of excitement because now I also have the signature of the first known Moore in America, William H. Moore. (Note: I added the arrow for the blog, the image and original scan are pink arrow-less.) The only thing that would make me happier is if he signed it Wm. H. Moore – born in This Parish, in This County, of Ireland. That’s probably too much to ask though, so we’ll just go ahead and be happy for what we have. I also won’t mention that he had a son who was also named William H. Moore. The shakiness of the signature looks more like an 80-year-old than a 57-year-old. It could be either one though and the Junior’s wife and daughter are the very next signatures. I don’t want to think about that now though.


Last page and tons of family names and a few non-family names. I also just solved one of the questions from my post last week. There on the right hand side is the signature of Mr & Mrs Chas Haynes and right under them is Viola Love. Man, this list of names is really making me happy today. I’m not done yet though!


Now we have hearts added to the people who signed Llewellyn’s Guest Book. I added a few more details to show that some of her cousins signed the book themselves.


Now here is William’s side with his cousins added and it looks less lonely. I left both Williams with question marks since I’m trying to be a non-biased researcher (Ha!). All in all, I think other than making a list of the names that are not in the tree, I am done analyzing this wedding! I hope…

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