Mystery Monday: La Moss

mystery monday: la moss

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done a Mystery Monday. I wasn’t expecting to dive into one this soon into my Genealogy Do-Over but oh well! This mystery isn’t even new to the blog. I’ve written about La Moss before on Mystery Monday. I never did find out what her real name was. I’m so curious though because it seems like she was one of Llewellyn’s best friends.

I started thinking about La Moss again when I was over-analyzing Llewellyn’s wedding guest and gift lists. 5 years after my last La Moss thought, she popped into my head again. Surely since she is all over Llewellyn’s journal, she must have been at the wedding. There might be a few road blocks though:

  1. She might not have signed the guest book.
  2. She might not have given Llewellyn a gift.

If all of those things are true, man that’s not going to help. It’s not going to block me though. I am a better researcher now and surely I should be able to find her, even if it takes me awhile. I have a tentative game plan to find La Moss’ identity.

  1. I will check all the unknown to me female guests from the wedding guest list.
  2. I will check all the unknown to me people in the wedding gift list.
  3. I will check the census surrounding Llewellyn in 1920 and 1930 to see if any of these people are possibilities.
  4. I will send away to the New Jersey State Archives for a birth record search. La Moss should have been born before 1915, which means the record will cost only $10 instead of $25.
  5. I will have so much fun finding new ways of looking, because this is my test on how creative I can get if I need to.
Is La Moss in this picture?
Is La Moss in this picture?

This is the original picture I used to make the Mystery Monday graphic. Is La Moss in this picture? I know Llewellyn is the second from the right. Everyone else is up in the air. It could be cousins, it could be coworkers, it could be church trip friends. The possibilities are endless. Will Llewellyn have a picture of La Moss in all these pictures and will I even be able to find her? I guess we will find out!

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