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  1. Christene Bishop Kimsey says:

    Hi Kathleen – I found your blog while trying to dis-entangle some genealogical threads – have you ever figured out the details regarding Elizabeth West Applegate’s mother? Anyway it slices, I do believe that she was a first cousin to my great-great-grandmother Lizzie McClanahan Bishop (thru Lizzie’s mother, Sallie Ann West McClanahan who was a sister to Isaiah West, your Elizabeth’s father. I think. lol). If I have it right, your ELizabeth had a brother named Andrew Jackson West (called Jack) who my Lizzie’s mother lived out her final years with and then left him her property in exchange for his care. 🙂

    ~ Christy Bishop Kimsey

    • Kathleen says:

      Hello Christy! I have a little bit more information. I found the marriage license and certificate for Izah West and Zeniah Black! That’s the way it’s all spelled on the document. 🙂 It looks like an F. McClanahan witnessed the marriage between Isaiah and Zeniah. I will post the certificate on the blog so that you can see it!

      Your information actually helps me quite a bit because I think these West/McClanahans are really tangled together. I was wondering about Elizabeth’s brother Jackson (I only know him through the census). I had found the marriage record for Jack West and Laura McClanahan and wanted to dig deeper but hadn’t had the time. Now I know that is something I definitely need to look into! I’ve been trying to track down Elizabeth’s siblings hoping that it would help me figure out this mystery but so far I had only gotten to Michael and Edith.

      • Christene Bishop Kimsey says:

        Oh, wow – you rock!! The original certifcate!!!! All the transcriptions have made me nuts over time – lol.

        I have an idea (just an idea but it is coming together) – and I apologize for the length of this, but I am sooo excited to find another person who cares who these folks may have been. :- )

        So: Once upon a time in Kentucky there was ONE guy, a brother to Sallie Ann West / son of a father (possibly named Joseph), an Isaiah West, but whom various scribes & transcriptions have mangled in to Izariah/Zecheriah,Izah, etc and that this Isaiah West married two different women who’s name both happened to begin with “Z”.

        # He first married Zerelda Jane McClanahan (daughter if Samuel McClanahan) in in the spring of 1853.

        # This couple had a son that they named Henry A West on March 5, 1856 in Pendelton county KY.

        # Then, sadly, sometime between the boy’s birth and when the 1860 census was taken, Zerelda died (or ran away or … something; I have no evidence of her demise, only of her absence). A gentleman whose name was recorded as “Zacariah West” and his young son Henry A West were listed living with Sallie Ann West McClanahan’s household in Pendelton.

        # A marriage license dated October 30, 1861 was issued to Isaiah West & Zermiah/Zeroah/Zeniah Black. According tot he EE Barton transcription, this was Isaiah/Isaish/Izah’s second marriage and Miss Black’s first, (does the certificate you found agree with this?)

        # This new couple, Isaiah & Zeniah, began having children of their own – the 1870 census finds them living in Berlin, Brakcen County Ky with young Jackson and (Elizabeth) Susan and – yes, a teenaged Henry West.

        I haven’t (yet) tracked down Henry is his later years – I hope that he has a death record somewhere to help confirm this.

        Thank you for your blog, Kathleen – and your beautifully organized and meticulously researched website!

        ~ Christy

        • Kathleen says:

          Yes! I think I really like your timeline of events. I was coming up with the same thing today after your last comment. Once my mind started working on it, and I saw the 1860 census results, I think it’s a very good conclusion.

          The license and certificate I found doesn’t say whether or not it is Isaiah’s first marriage or not. Here is the link to the record on Family Search. I’ve been going through their marriage records recently for Pendleton and Bracken Counties on browse only. They must have recently updated their indexes though because this one came up in the search today.

          They also had Isaiah and Zerelda’s marriage bond on there too. Here is the link.

          Its really great to be able to see the records myself, so I know you feel the same! I hadn’t actually looked at the E.E. Barton transcriptions before, so I think there might still be a marriage bond for Isaiah and Zeniah/Zerorah/Z??!# somewhere in the records, I’m going to search for them again.

          When you looked at the 1860 census did you notice a couple doors down from Sallie’s household is a John Black and that is where Isaiah and Zeniah/Zerorah were married according to the E.E. Barton transcription.

          Oh man, I think we made more progress on this family today than I have in years! I can’t believe I missed Henry all this time. I noticed him there but just set it aside and told myself I’d find out where he belonged later!

          • Christene Bishop Kimsey says:

            Yes!! I feel the same. And I did the math – of this is correct, you and I are 5th cousins. 🙂

            Thank you for the links to those records, I appreciate you sharing. And I totally missed John Black on the census page – cool! I was wondering if I ought to go look for him.

            Have you done any of the dna testing? I did the autosomal on ancestry and have the data uploaded on as well. If you are interested, holler at me and I’ll give you my kit number.

    • Kathleen says:

      Oh my goodness! This is just overwhelming now, hahaha! There is so much data to go through.

      Also, I did take the Ancestry Autosomal DNA test too and uploaded it to gedmatch. The kit number is A422159.

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