Website disclosures are an important part of blogging. Blogs should disclose their business relationships with any company or person they mention on their blog. This is done so the readers can be informed of any bias your blog might have.

I also want to be clear on my practices and the information that I post on the blog and website.

Information : Any information or documents I post are from my own personal research unless I say otherwise. This means there is always the possibility I am not correct in what I am saying. I do my best, but I’m sure there is always more information out there!

Compensation : I receive no compensation for anything that I write. Any viewpoints I have on software, websites, or documents is my own personal opinion.

Footnote/Fold3: One time in 2010, I wrote about my experience with a 7 day free trial for Footnote.com at the time. They must have read it and liked it because they then gifted me with a free year subscription on Footnote. I have paid for it myself every time since then.

Websites : I currently am a paying member of the following websites. I have no obligations to these websites to say anything complimentary.


Find My Past


Legacy Family Tree Webinars