Giving Even More of my time to Agnes

Agnes Webstats (click for full size)
Agnes Webstats (click for full size)

I’ve never been a stats watcher. Sure I like seeing how many visits my page gets. It’s not my main focus though, I just love talking about genealogy. I could write multiple entries every day about genealogy if I had the time. What I do like to do is to check my popular posts. The top four are in my sidebar at all times and I don’t think they’ve changed in months, now I see why!

Above is the top posts for all time on my blog. The main page is the obvious top one. The second one really surprised me though. My 4th great grandmother, Agnes Hamilton, must have been a very popular relative because she generates a lot of visits to the blog!

The entry in discussion is one I made when I felt guilty that Agnes wasn’t getting as much of my genealogy time as her in-laws were. Well, thanks to my readers I’ve got even more guilt because they give her more attention then I do!

I’m here with an update today. I’m going to go ahead and add the #2 Agnes as my Agnes. I’m doing this because all points really lead to her in the practical sense. Like my cousin Grace also said, it also fits in with her age on her death certificate (Thanks Grace for that)!

Agnes gets some company
Agnes gets some company (click for full size)

With that leap, I jump another generation and Agnes gets four siblings. I didn’t have enough credits to see if these were baptism or birth dates, so I’ll have to make sure to add to do tasks for them.

With the searches I used to find Agnes’ family I am officially out of Scotlands People credits again. It’s always a sad feeling to run out but payday is coming! haha.

I hope you also understand that this means I get another chance at Scottish naming patterns. Any chance I get to analyze naming patterns!

4 thoughts on “Giving Even More of my time to Agnes

  1. David Hamilton says:

    Re. Agnes Hamilton.
    Sorry but if i have taken in the info contained in this thread correctly than i believe you are in error.
    The Rev. Andrew Hamilton (m. Janet Bachop) is my GGG Grandfather. My relation is through their only son William (later also a Reverend, emigrated to Australia in 1836).

    Agnes did die young.I have records to confirm this. Happy to forward same if you are interested – need a little time as i will have to scan them.

    Regards, David

  2. David Hamilton says:

    Further to my last email re. Agnes Hamilton.
    This excerpt re. Agnes from a document (c.1839) in my possession it is titled:

    “Family Register
    of the Revd Aw Hamilton
    of the High Church Kilmarnock
    transcribed by the Revd Robt. Weir.”

    The entry for Agnes:

    “Agnes Hamilton was born on the 5th day of Feby.1805, and died on the 5th Feby.1806, at twelve O’clock Mid-day, the hour at which she was born.”

    Hope this helps.

    David Hamilton.

  3. Kathleen says:

    Thanks for your input David. I will take another look at this next week. I’m traveling right now so I can’t dig in just yet.

    I can’t wait to take another look!

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