Mystery Monday: Another Couple

Mystery Couple

What I know about this photograph:

  1. The couple is connected to the Thorward side of my family.
  2. They are the same couple from this Mystery Monday post.

What I want to know about this photograph:

  1. Everything else :p
  2. Who are they?
  3. How are they connected to the family?

Mystery Monday is a weekly series I do on Mondays. It is also a blogging theme used by other GeneaBloggers. Feel free to post about your own mysteries and maybe someone will be able to solve it someday!

2 thoughts on “Mystery Monday: Another Couple

  1. Pugbug says:

    I love mystery photos, but I worry: One of these days, someone will see a Mystery Couple photo on someone’s blog and say, “Wait a sec. That looks like Grandpa. But that doesn’t look like Grandma…”

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