Sentimental Sunday: Full Circle

I was taking pictures of something I’m going to share tomorrow when I found this gem. Since today is Sentimental Sunday, I thought it would be nice to share it today. After this discovery, there is no doubt in my mind that my Great Grandmother must have been a genealogist herself.

Here in the midst of another gem, was an unexpected prize.

At first look, it’s an old menu. It’s so much more than that! It’s actually really great to find this on the back of a menu. It reminds me of me and my Aunt Lori sitting at Diane’s kitchen table in Avoca and discussing the family history. That’s what makes it so sentimental to me. Thinking about Llewellyn sitting in a diner and discussing this with her mother, or mother’s family is just amazing.

Agnes Hamilton is the woman I believed might be the mother of William Wallace Love (first known Love), but I never had any kind of proof. Is this proof? No, but this stacks up the circumstantial evidence further in her direction. You can even see underneath Agnes a W. Love/Jennie Menzies written. That would be my William Love and his wife. I’m suspecting underneath them would have been their children’s names. Starting with Jessie and Grace. Next to W. Love is a James Love! Is this a brother? I can’t wait to look for him!

At the end of the row is a list of … Walker with many people listed underneath. This is good news because that might explain the appearance of a young Walker woman in relation to Llewellyn. I’m pretty sure she’s listed in the birthdays in Llewellyn’s journal.

At the bottom of the list is a listing of not only the children of William Wallace Love and Jennie Menzies but their grandchildren also!

I can’t wait to put this document to use. I’m also going to research how to best preserve it. I have it in a acid-free page protector right now, but we’ll see if there’s anything better.

Sentimental Sunday is a daily blogging topic I got from GeneaBloggers. To participate in Sentimental Sunday, simply create a post in which you discuss a sentimental story or memory about an ancestor, or maybe even a family tradition that touches you.

2 thoughts on “Sentimental Sunday: Full Circle

  1. Tonia Kendrick says:

    Hi Kathleen,

    1) love your header!

    2) I see that you are a TNG user and have upgraded to v.8. Are you using the TNG-Wordpress plug-in? I’m having a conflict with the plug-in and the image-viewer in v8 that I don’t see happening on your site.


  2. Kathleen says:

    Hello Tonia,

    1) Thanks! =) I like it because it features real census records of my Moore relatives.

    2) I’m not using the TNG-Wordpress plugin. I’ve wanted to try cross-program plugins but I’ve always been too chicken. So I have separate installs and then a bit of script that puts the latest headlines on my TNG index page. Sorry I can’t help with that, but let me know if there’s anything else. =)

    No Problem,

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