Well I had plans

I started to get a tech geek itch. It was bad, it’s always pretty bad, but it was really bad today. It’s been awhile since I had something new to play with. So I barely restrained myself from installing a Wiki onto the site and playing around with the code. Just barely did I escape the future headache that would have become.

I escaped it by telling myself I’d break out the handy dandy library card and do some searching online at newspaperarchive.com. I got pretty excited too. There’s this entry I want to write, but I want to find the newspaper article first to back me up. It’s one of those things I haven’t been able to find in all these years. I really need a Jersey genealogy trip.

So I found my wallet with my library card…

and I went to my library’s website and clicked on the Online Databases link.

Only to be shut out in the cold, without a coat. Turns out they’ve changed it since I last utilized this feature and now it’s an in-library feature only. Well darn. I need a car… I need a drivers license too. That would help. I should have named this site how to do genealogy while being a virtual shut in. haha. Anywho, Darn. It’ll just have to wait for another day and I won’t bore you with my whining any longer. In the mean time, I’ll try and figure out my jumble of family files and what I’m going to do about them. To be honest I think I’m going to scrap them all except my Original file. Then I’ll make a clean one in RootsMagic as I obtain records and fix the Original file as I go. That seems most logical to me, right?

Okie dokie. That leaves me with a plan, but not much of one. Too bad I’m a little sick and too warm to wear my fluffy pajamas, I could have really used them today! You know what this blog needs, it needs me to break out some of those Grandma¬†Recipes. I should do that this weekend! Nothing like some Grandma cooking.

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