Still Here, I Promise

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Still Working

Never fear, I’m still working on things! I haven’t disappeared from the internet. I had some trips to take this summer. One was a family reunion in Upstate New York and then I made a quick trip to Southern Florida to visit my brother and his family. Now I’m back for a little while. I do have another quick trip planned in August but hopefully I can get a post up before then. I’m also hoping to start updating my database section in the near future too, it’s been awhile!

Computer Problems are Happening

I am having a slight computer problem. I’m working on troubleshooting it, and I think I have it figured out. Leaving my computer on for my times away probably wasn’t the best idea, but I liked having access to some of my stuff. Learned my lesson and won’t be doing that anymore! It’s anything major from what I can tell but it’s enough to have caused quite a few headaches since I got home Thursday night.

I hope everyone out there in cyber space is doing well!

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