Genealogy Go-Over: Actually Do-Over


The series of posts I will be writing is based on the Genealogy Do-Over Workbook by Thomas MacEntee. I highly recommend it. 🙂

It doesn’t matter much what I call it. However, I was fired up about something this week and I went on a walk to think about things. I try to do that if I really want to think about something. 20 minutes later, I decided I’m opening up a new, blank Legacy Family Tree file and starting fresh. I could spend a lot of time “fixing” my current working file or I could open a new one and start fresh! I am already going through all this trouble of re-examining my documents and re-writing my sources, so why not just start fresh. I wanted to make this decision before I got into any new researching. I’m hopefully setting myself up for never having to do this kind of thing again! I am certainly much more organized already.

While I am conducting my family interviews, I am re-entering myself, my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncle, and cousins all into my clean file. I had previously went around at a family reunion and got dates from my cousins on one side and my Grandmother had all my cousin information from the other side. I still wanted to do something to make sure I was getting the right information though, so I created a Google Form that I’ll be linking to in my sidebar and on my Facebook page for family members to fill out if they want to.

Family History Questionnaire

If you are a family member that would like to check out the form, you can click here.

I have also been entering all my documents into Evidentia as I go. I will probably do a post on Evidentia soon! I am working on entering in all the birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, and obituaries that I have for my grandparents down to my generation. It’s actually surprising me how much information 1) I am lacking from some things and 2) How much information I have for others. It’s a fascinating process. Going over everyone again is going to really help out my research. I can just feel there are holes in it and I’m only working with a small amount of information now. Can you imagine with how long I had been working previously how many holes I had in that file? I guess we will find out!

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