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Herbert Redford happens to be one of my favorite ancestors. I know I’m not supposed to play favorites but I just can’t help it. He is the first ancestor whose record I sent away for. I was so excited and it took quite a long time. It was well worth it though. 🙂 Plus I have this photo I believe to be him. It was passed down through the family and I was given a photocopy of it where someone identified him as “Herbert Redford”.


November 14, 1872

Herbert Redford is born to Samuel Redford and Frances Wright Travis in Bloomfield, New Jersey. He is their second child and second son.

October 7, 1874

Herbert‘s first sister, Sarah Elizabeth Redford is born in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

September 30, 1877

Herbert‘s little brother Samuel dies shortly after he was born.

Note: Index entry, need to obtain original.

April 23, 1879

Herbert‘s little sister, Lillian Redford is born.

June 1880

Herbert is 7 years old living in East Orange, New Jersey. He is going to school with his older brother William.  His dad is working as a hat manufacturer, which is a trade that was passed down from Frances Travis-Redford‘s family.


March 20, 1894

Herbert marries my 2nd great grandmother Sarah (Sadie) Ann Sutcliffe (daughter of Paul Sutcliffe and Mary S. Senior) in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Herbert lists his occupation as Hatter, continuing the occupation to the fourth generation through his mother’s family. Both Herbert and Sadie were 21 at the time of their marriage.


October 29, 1894

My great grandfather, Clifford Herbert Redford is born in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Note: Index entry, need to obtain original.


New Jersey took a census in 1895. Herbert, Sadie, and Clifford are living in Bloomfield with Herbert’s parents and siblings.


September 28, 1897

Herbert‘s father Samuel dies in Bloomfield, New Jersey. His age is about 54, I do not currently have his birth record or know where it is.

Note: Index entry, need to obtain original.

December 18, 1897

Herbert and Sadie‘s second child Howard Redford is born in Orange, New Jersey.

April 13, 1899

Herbert and Sadie‘s first daughter, Edith Redford, is born in West Orange, New Jersey.

June 1900

The United States Census rolls around again. Herbert and Sadie are now living on Whittley Avenue in West Orange. They own their home but have a mortgage. His sister Sarah Redford-Tinston and her husband are living with the family.


June 1905

Herbert is enumerated in Essex County, New Jersey in the State Census. He is living with his wife Sadie and their three children. Also living in the house is Herbert‘s brother William and William’s son Harry Redford, age 10. Herbert‘s mother Frances Travis-Redford is also living in the household. They own their home but have a mortgage on it.

Note: I will have to go to the State Archives to see the actual census. All I have online is an index. 🙂

August 29, 1906

Herbert and Sadie‘s fourth child, Lillian Elizabeth Redford, is born.

April 1910

Herbert is working as a hat finisher. He has been married for 17 years and they have 4 total children now, with all still living.  His brother William is still living with him and is also working at a hat factory. William’s son is now living in Los Angeles, California with his aunt Sarah Redford-Tinston. Herbert’s mother Frances is now living with her daughter Lillian Redford-Stemmle. They live at 16 Gist Place, Orange, New Jersey and they pay rent.



According to a 1912 Orange, New Jersey city directory, Frances Travis-Redford (wid of Samuel), removes to Los Angeles, California.

September 12, 1919

Herbert fills out a World War I Draft Registration Card. There is no evidence he ever had any military service. His occupation is listed as Hatter. He is described as being short (tell me about it. haha), Medium build and he had blue eyes and brown hair. He gives his address as 16 Gist Place, Orange, New Jersey.


January 1920

Herbert and Sadie are still renting their house at 16 Gist Place. He is still employed at a Hatter. Their sons Clifford (age 25) and Howard (age 22) still live at home. The youngest child, Lillian (age 13) is also living there. The household also now has a boarder named Alfred Ireland who is a machinist in a factory.


Herbert’s mother (Frances) is living in Los Angeles, California with Sarah Redford-Tinston and her husband.

August 27, 1921

Herbert‘s mother Frances dies in Los Angeles, California of chronic myocarditis. She was 80 years old. She is buried at the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery in Los Angeles. Sarah Redford-Tinston is the informant on the record.



Note: Herbert’s wife Sadie possibly died in this year. I don’t know the place, but my current thinking is New Jersey. There is a Sadie Redford buried in Rosedale Cemetery in Orange, New Jersey. Someone took a picture of the grave for me on Find A Grave, but there is nothing on the marker to indicate this is my Sadie. The year does fit for her birth year.

April 1930

Herbert is now widowed and living as a lodger in Los Angeles, California. He is one of nine lodgers in the house of Margaret Clement. All the boarders have various types of jobs and are from lots of different places.

April 1940

Herbert and his sister Lillian Redford-Stemmle are living together at 3469 Siskiyou Street in Los Angeles, California. Lillian is listed as widowed but Herbert is listed as single. The x mark indicates Herbert is the person giving the information. Herbert states that he is a Hatter but has been unemployed for 16 weeks.. He also says he is actively seeking work.

September 11, 1940

Herbert dies in Los Angeles, California at the age of 67. His cause of death was chronic myocardial degeneration due to Coronary Artery Sclerosis. The Informant on his death certificate is his daughter Lillian Redford-Swiggart. (Whom I previously thought went missing.) He was buried at the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery in Los Angeles and a kind Find a Grave volunteer fulfilled a photo request for me. 🙂


Records to Find:

  • I want to fill the gap between 1880 and the 1890s.
  • Samuel Redford’s birth record.
  • The 1905 Census entries at the New Jersey State Archives. ( I would like to make a list of ALL people that I would like to find before I go.)

Records to Order:

  • Herbert’s birth record from the New Jersey State Archives
  • His siblings birth records from the New Jersey State Archives
  • Samuel Redford Jr’s death record from the New Jersey State Archives
  • Marriage Record for William Redford
  • Birth Records for Herbert and Sadie’s children.
  • Samuel Redford Sr’s death certificate from New Jersey State Archives.

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