Even More Source Cleanups

Well, I did it. I got through all my census citations. They’re all back to what they were before the computer switcheroo. Now I’m onto the other 80 sources that duplicated themselves in the merge.

My Clean Sources as of May 1st.
My Clean Sources as of May 1st.

Throughout all those census citations, I frequently took “breaks” to do something different. Different like parish records and newspaper records instead of turning 900+ census citations into 200… for each census.

Naturally when you’re looking at all these sources, it makes you want to research. Unfortunately, my sources were in such a state that it confused me more so I held off on that.

One thing I did do though was make myself a 1940 census lookup list.

I started by creating a custom report that filtered in anyone born before 1941 and after 1830 (you never know). Then I filtered out anyone who had a death date before 1940. Lastly, I filtered out anyone who had a census event containing 1940.

1940 Census Lookup List
1940 Census Lookup List

I then printed out the 48 pages (24 double sided) and saved it to PDF also for later. I like to have a paper list beside me but I’ll probably make a section in OneNote for each census to keep notes on why I couldn’t find someone or if I find something I want to look at again later. I sure can’t wait until I can get back to blogging about actual research again!

All these are the things that will occupy my Genealogy Friday, including answering more emails. I’m just about caught up. I hope everyone out there in cyberspace is able to do a little genealogy this weekend.

6 thoughts on “Even More Source Cleanups

  1. Louise Crisp Atkin says:

    I love how detailed you are. Wish I could do what you do. This old lady Needs some lessons. Would like to know if we could be related in any way. I am in Columbus OH. Where Re you?

    • Kathleen says:

      Thanks Louise, I am in Maryland but my mom grew up in New Richmond, Ohio and her sisters are spread out along southern Ohio so we still get back there occasionally.

    • Kathleen says:

      Hey Louise, I haven’t gotten a chance yet to get my stuff together from your last comments yet! I was planning to do it today, but I just had some errands pop up so it will be later this afternoon. I did get a chance to get a relationship chart (click this) that shows me and your father so you can see how we are related. I’ll also get a download link for you later that has the certificates and newspaper articles I’ve found on the Crisps. I don’t have much but it’s something!

      • Louise Atkin says:

        Thanks so much. We really appreciate you sharing. I haven’t had much patience & sister Shirley doesn’t have much extra time. We hope to get down to Sandy Hook, KY where our dad was from. I’ve been done once & got to see the Crisp Cemetery. Awesome♥. Later…

        • Kathleen says:

          Louise, I’ve created a Dropbox folder with all the files in it. You should be able to download them by clicking this link. Let me know if you have problems viewing or downloading and I will try and help!


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