Diary of Llewellyn: The End



Llewellyn’s diary might have ended on May 28th of 1925, but her life didn’t. Neither did her penchant for documenting her life and the lives of those around her.

On June 12, 1926, Llewellyn married William Lawrence Moore at her parents house at 75 Westville Avenue in Caldwell, New Jersey.

written on the back: "Llewellyn on her wedding day"
written on the back: “Llewellyn on her wedding day”
Newspaper article on the marriage
Newspaper article on the marriage

The diary even makes the wedding article so much richer. Now I know that Willa Steinhoff, who was mentioned throughout the diary, served as her maid of honor. I know that Llewellyn’s dear cousin, Marguerite from Suffern was the flower girl. Roswell was also mentioned frequently, often walking Llewellyn home from church meetings. He served as an usher with Llewellyn’s brother, George. Even better, he gets a last name of Winans now. Ernest Smith was also mentioned a few times and he sang at the wedding.

4 years after Llewellyn and William were married, they welcomed their only child, my grandfather, William Thorward Moore.

William T Moore birth announcement
William T Moore birth announcement

After their son’s birth starts Llewellyn’s very, very active hobby of photographing her son.

William with his grandparents (6 months, 16 days)
William T Moore with his grandparents (6 months, 16 days)

Yes, she was always that specific with his age!

William and Llewellyn
William Lawrence Moore and Llewellyn Thorward-Moore

They would live a long, happy life together. William would give them five grandchildren. Tragically one of those grandchildren was killed in an accident. That shook the family but Llewellyn and William were able to make sure their other grandchildren knew that their grandparents were there for them. Taking them on summer trips and making sure they had what they needed.

William worked at AT&T for over 30 years before he retired. Llewellyn was devoted to the Methodist Church her whole life, and it’s one of the characteristics I hear about the most from people I meet. I never knew William or Llewellyn but I can tell they’re my kind of people. Even though they had no idea if their children or grandchildren would be interested in it, they kept a record of their lives. I don’t know why Llewellyn chronicled that 3 years of her diary without fail. I just know because of it, I can get a glimpse of a woman I never knew. Through the writings and photographs, I’ve been able to grow the family tree.

Sometimes I look at the things that survived, and I know I probably could have found those branches of the family tree eventually. It just wouldn’t have been as cool as finding it written on the back of a diner menu.



My plan for the diary entries is to move them to their own section of the website. There I can make an index, add pictures and links back to my database. I tried to do that during the initial transcription but at the rate Llewellyn was writing, I just couldn’t keep up with the pictures! I’ll be working on that and when it’s ready, I’ll make sure and let everyone know to get it linked to from the main website! I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting Llewellyn as much as I have!

2 thoughts on “Diary of Llewellyn: The End

  1. Anne says:

    Yes I have enjoyed following along Llewellyn’s life through her diary entries. Somehow I wasn’t expecting it to come to an end.

    I am glad to hear she had a happy life with Bill.

    • Kathleen says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed following along with me Anne! I was really sad to see it end but for me, it’s always continuing since Llewellyn was such a great record keeper. So while I don’t have an every day accounting of her life anymore, I am still finding little notes and letters that were left behind and hundreds of pictures!

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