Smaller goals work better for me

One of the things I constantly beat myself up about is that I don’t really keep up with my genealogy resolutions each year. I’m going to try something a little new, a little smaller. I tend to take on too much and then get overwhelmed. It’s time to change my patterns and see if I can’t find a more productive way of getting things done. The way I’m going to try and do this is to think outside the box. I’m no longer going to think in terms of multiple monthly or yearly goals. I’ve got to start focusing on just one thing at a time.

The first goal I’m going to work to complete, is actually a month long goal but there is a reason! My 3rd blogiversary is coming up on March 13th. So that’s my deadline date.

Feb 2012 Pedigree
Feb 2012 Pedigree – done through Hannah Carter.


In the year since I last showed my pedigree (I think), I’ve added a ton of information into my tree. I’ve gone from 1031 sourced individuals to 2276! Though some of those might not be sourced yet. I learned with the large Taylor families, it was more productive to add in all the children of a couple and proceed from there. So there are probably a few un-sourced children in there… No I won’t say un-sourced, they all have the source citation for my Taylor Family Tree Outline where I’ve gotten the names. Luckily for me has a ton of Kentucky Vital Records online. So it’s really easy to make sure that I’ve got good names and dates.

2013 Pedigree
2013 Pedigree

Onto the blogiversary goal. While I want to promise I’ll have a brand spankin’ new site design, I’m not stupid enough to promise that! Learned my lesson! Between February 2012 and February 2013, I finished work through 4 more of my 3rd Great Grandparents. Hopefully, if I work hard I will get the final two that will finish up the Taylor line of my tree. Not that there’s much information on that Applegate line to enter, but I’ve done that one all by myself without the aid of a big written out tree like some of the rest!

Once I’ve gotten this goal finished, I’ll focus on a new one!

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