A little after Summer Vacation

Most people take time off during the summer and travel around to various sights. We’ve never been much of a vacation family. So my little blog hiatus has nothing to do with actually going somewhere. I’ve just been busy keeping up with life as it speeds by. Over the last few weeks, I’ve helped my neighbor get one of her dogs through surgery. The next week, my heart broke when the same dog passed away from an infection. On top of all this I’ve been busy getting the house organized again because it’s back to school time and my mother needs some help getting all her paperwork squared away for a new year of driving the school bus.

That’s where I’ve been!

I have been able to get some projects done both on the sewing machine and on my genealogy! I haven’t gotten as much done in my database as I wished, but I have been watching a lot of webinars when I get the chance. I do love learning all the new things everyone is talking about. At first when I listen to a webinar, I feel so overwhelmed with how much I don’t know. Thankfully, that is usually quickly replaced by the excitement of putting all the new information to practice!

I’m sorry I’ve dropped the ball on my Redesigning my Chaos series, I’m definitely still working on it, I just haven’t had enough time to sit down and type up the entries! Hopefully after this weekend, my time will free up a little more. If not, I’ll just have to find another way around it because I miss my blog!

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