RMC: My Design Inspiration Sketch

When you have any kind of redecorating project, it’s always a good idea to look around for some inspiration. My website encompasses a blog and a genealogy database, so it’s important that I plan and consider both those factors in my new design. As I was playing around in the test section I created during my TNG tutorial, I found out I liked something I never thought I’d like. Almost every website I’ve every created has had a fixed width design. This means that no matter how big or small your screen size is, I’m perfectly aware that my design is going to be certain size. Variable width designs scare me quite frankly.

I don’t know why they do. I think it’s the horror of the design falling flat in a 24″ inch monitor like mine. What if it is too scrunched in a smaller monitor size. To avoid this fear, I’ve just been doing fixed width. In my original About Me page, I wrote that I was trying to discover things about myself. That was back in 2010. Well I’ve discovered many things about myself in that time. One of them being that I like to learn, but once I’ve learned something, I’m scared of the advancement to the next level. That puts me in the stuck position.

Well, this year the training wheels are coming off. I’m making more efforts to get out there and learn. So one of the steps I’m taking is…. My new website design will be a variable width design! Oh gosh, that’s just crazy. I know, I’m weird.

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My first sketch was on paper when I was going with a fixed width design. So when I switched, I decided to go into PhotoShop and hash it out there. I played with fonts and images. This is just a rough draft. The banner will get a little more ornate, and I haven’t decided how to handle the links on the side yet, but it’s an ongoing process. What I really hope to accomplish is a design that’s more easily changed out when I like.

I like the more subdued colors too. I loved the splashes of color from my previous working design, but it just wasn’t working in the long run.

Next we’ll talk about programs you’ll need in the customization process!

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