New Year, Old Search Terms

It’s time to dissect what sends people to my blog! This is always fun to see. Sometimes it’s so completely random what can bring someone to this blog.

newark evening news archives

Believe it or not, my transcriptions of some articles from the Newark Evening News is my most popular search term referrer. If you’re looking for actual Newark Evening News articles, you’ll need to head to the New Jersey Archives or the Newark Public Library.

bartholomew taylor

Bartholomew is one of my most popular searches and the most “famous” relative I have. He was a Revolutionary War veteran and moved from Somerset County, Maryland to Bracken County, Kentucky. You can read some of my entries that mention Bartholomew here on the blog until I get him added back into my website database.

moore family + florence redford

This is one of the new search terms this month. Florence Redford is my Grandmother. To see her ancestry, you can view my database on the website or read blog entries about the Redford Family.

taylor clan map

I haven’t posted anything about a clan map, but that’s because I haven’t looked for one yet either. Since I don’t have a clue where exactly my Taylor family originates from yet (England most likely, but no proof!), I can’t actually pinpoint where to look for a clan map at. There is a little bit of information on some Scottish Taylors, but even those mention that the name is very widespread.

newark evening news, oct 27 1923

Here’s where two worlds collide and send someone to my blog. I have a few transcriptions from the Newark Evening News on the blog but they are from 1890. I also have my “Diary of Llewellyn” series which chronicles my Great-Grandmother’s life in 1923 through to 1926. So I can’t help with whatever might have sent someone looking for that particular paper. I will however suggest you check out Newark is so close to New York City, if you’re looking for a specific mention of something it just might be able to be found in a New York City newspaper!

These are only a few of the search terms that have sent people to my blog. If you’re here for any of these reasons I hope I helped a little bit. If you need to contact me about more information on the families I feature, you can email me at leeny.moore[@] <– Just remember to remove the brackets! Sorry for the precaution, but spam drives me bonkers!

2 thoughts on “New Year, Old Search Terms

  1. Magda says:

    My Grandmother was born 3 Jan 1909 Lodi ,NJ , lived in Ringwood , NJ and also went to school in Paterson , NJ . Llewellyn’s Dairy reminds a lot of what my Grandmother would have been doing ………that’s why I like to see that dairy. She kept one in the 1920’s .It reminds me of how busy these ladies were – plus ,It’s a clever format for a blog and I stay inspired to keep working at my NJ family( also have surname Moe , Modzelowski and others in Newark )as well as other lines.

    • Kathleen says:

      I’m so glad that the diary keeps you inspired Magda! I have a lot of fun reading it and transcribing it. It really does open up my mind to so much in regards to what the times were like for Llewellyn and her family.

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