Genealogy Goals for 2012

Now that I’ve owned up to how I went wrong last year, it’s time to set some new goals for the upcoming year!

Genealogy File Goals

  1. I want to finally finish getting everyone added into my new, cleaner family file. I’m so close now I can see the finish line!
  2. Get everything in the ‘To Be Sorted’ folder, sorted into place or added into a ‘Maybe’ folder for those that no longer fit into my family file due to the cleaner nature.
  3. Put together a To Do List for the people in my family file. RootsMagic has a great new Research Log feature I want to utilize and I also want to use the To Do List features in both RootsMagic and FTM2012.

Record Ordering Goals

  1. How many records I order depends on how well I budget through the year, so I won’t set a specific number. Really as long as I make forward progress in my research, the number isn’t important. So I will just say I want to make a list of records I’d like to order and where I need to order them from. There’s a great place for this in the new RootsMagic update.

Website Goals

  1. Finish the new website design. I have to finish the new website design. I have no problem with the current design but I would like a little more color on my blog. So I’m going to finally sit down and finish the design… or start it again would be more accurate.
  2. Make sure the sources on the website are more accurate.

Blogging Goals

  1. I’ve been very good about getting my Diary of Llewellyn posts done but I need to fit regular blogging into my new schedule. So I want to at least have 3 non-Diary blogs a week. Maybe two blogs during the week and one on the weekends when I have a little more time.

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