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Almost a year ago (Yikes!), I posted about a bad habit of mine. I’ve tried my hardest to beat this habit, but I learned today that it’s still there. I’m admitting it for the second time. I sometimes have a hard time checking the whole page of a source. There I’ve said it out loud. I’ve admitted it to the internet masses. I have learned to check the whole precinct of a census, however this hasn’t bled over into the other sources I use. Which are a lot.

In my defense, sometimes things don’t seem important at the time. To extend that thought, sometimes you just don’t have enough information at that time to know something is important.

1906 Brooklyn City Directory
1906 Brooklyn City Directory

I’ve had this image saved on my computer for quite awhile now. Probably about a year, now that I think about it. I always thought to myself, “How cool that I knew where William H Moore was living in 1906!” The problem comes today. You see my internet has been in and out all month. Mostly out. Thankfully, the company is coming out tomorrow to look at it. However, I’ve been going through and linking my image files with my Family Tree Maker file. I hadn’t done that yet and I figured it was something I could knock out while the internet was down. Then I noticed something.

William H Moore Jr is listed right underneath my William H Moore. So I brought up William’s son, William in Family Tree Maker. Turns out this is the right guy! So now all those city directory images and sources can be added to the son also. (Not to mention Robert J Moore, the painter, and my Great Great Grandfather.) Then I decided to have a little bit of fun when my internet briefly came back on.

1567 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY
1567 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY (Image Credit: Bing Maps)

For the first few years of directory images, this Broadway address was the only one given. Then it started being listed as his place of business and his home address from the censuses turned up. So now I have to wonder. Did his family live above the business until they made enough money for the house? Was he living somewhere else and just not listing it? Why am I always full of questions? Why did I eat my emergency ice cream last night? These are all the things that run through my mind.

The address actually boils down to the yellow awning storefront. I wonder if it’s the same building there? I need to learn more about dating architecture because I love¬†architecture. It looks like it’s probably pretty old but I have no idea about these things.

Hopefully this taught me the lesson for the last time. Be more aware of everything on the page!

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