My Dream Season of Who Do You Think You Are?

As luck would have it, I’d already thought about this subject numerous times. This weekend I was going through my Google Reader feeds and I saw that Marian Pierre-Louis posted her ideal season of Who Do You Think You Are? She got the idea from Susan Peterson from Long Lost So here’s my list, just for fun!

Robert Redford – I’ve grown up watching Robert Redford movies. He’s a great actor and it wasn’t until recently that my Aunt Lori mentioned that her mother (Florence Redford-Moore) always said there might be a connection between her family and the actor. I do know a lot of our Redford made the trek to Los Angeles, CA in the 1920s and 1930s. Even putting that aside, I think it’d be very interesting to see.

LeVar Burton – I love Roots. I love Star Trek. I loved Reading Rainbow. If you can’t tell, I have a love of LeVar Burton’s work. I think seeing “Kunta Kinte” researching his own family history could be very fun/interesting!

Bonnie Hunt – I’ve been a big fan of the funny Bonnie Hunt. The great thing about Bonnie is that she’s funny without it being at anyone’s expense. She’s as caring as she is funny. She’s very proud of her hometown of Chicago and I’d be interested to see how long her family has been there!

Matthew Fox – I was watching one of my favorite shows, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, one day and Matthew Fox was a guest. In the interview he talked about growing up in Wyoming. Again, I’d like to see how long his family had been there and maybe see a little more history of the middle and western sections of the country!

Susan Lucci – Let’s just face it, Susan Lucci is the queen of television! I’ve never watched All My Children, but I do know that a lot of people would be interested in seeing her in this!

Alan Alda – Who doesn’t love M*A*S*H? Alan Alda is one of the first actors I ever remember watching. Whether it was M*A*S*H, Canadian Bacon or Betsy’s Wedding!

Keifer Sutherland or Donald Sutherland – Or both! Wouldn’t that be amazing? Them going through it at the same time.

James Caan – Last but certainly not least is James Caan! The Godfather is on my top 5 list of my favorite movies. I can’t say it’s number one because I love the top 5 so much, I can’t choose a number 1!

So there’s my list! Who’s on your dream WDYTYA? list?

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