More Webb Confusion

Okay, so I thought if I took a little time to do some Webb family research, it’d be a break from the frustration of the Mays family. I was wrong. In fact, I was so wrong I might be right. After finding the treasure trove, I wanted to take another look at the information it gave for Reuben H Webb and his wife Ann Thompson. I’m not doubting the biography but there was something that stood out glaringly for me. I don’t know what to do about it. However, it kind of fits in with the fact that Reuben moved around a bit after losing the land he cleared initially.

You see, on it has in two separate databases that Reuben Webb married Ann Thompson on 15 Feb 1806. Why my original family file says 1805, I’ll never be able to tell you. That’s how crazy my file is.

I was very excited to see the top result pop up. It’s a new database added at the end of March. It has the original microfilmed images that were used for indexing in the first place! So I quickly clicked it. The only problem is I can’t find the marriage anywhere on that page. I even paged back to 1805 to see if it was there. Still not there. So if the marriage isn’t on that page, the question needs to be asked. Where did this record of the marriage come from? Does this point to an error?

Once again I’m left with more questions then answers. You can bet I will go through these page by page if it means finding my ancestor. My only thing is, the biography of their son says they were married in Kentucky. So which version is true? I thought actually seeing the record would alleviate my confusion. That obviously hasn’t worked for me yet!

Edit: I checked my records. The 1805 date came from the Ohio Marriages, 1803-1900 database.

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