Super Indexing Sunday

Tomorrow I’ll be participating in Super Indexing Sunday. It all started on Facebook and spread from there. I think this is a great idea and what a fun way to spend a Sunday!  Today I’m going to be busy with laundry, cleaning and getting myself ready to take a whole Sunday for myself! I don’t know how many records I’ll end up indexing, but I’m sure whatever I get done will be appreciated.

So if you’re not into football (blasphemy?) or if you just like to have something to do while you go about your day, try this out! What’s great about it is you can do a little a time, there’s no time limit on finishing besides the week you get for the record.

There are plenty of records to index. You will get bigger and faster results with the census records, but really any contribution is another step to having free genealogy records available online to everyone.

Personally I really enjoy doing the WWII Draft Cards!

Family Search Indexing

Note: I have no affiliation with FamilySearch. My only connection is my volunteer hours through indexing. I really enjoy indexing and I’m not compensated for this blog or indexing by FamilySearch

2 thoughts on “Super Indexing Sunday

  1. Amy Coffin says:

    I’ve already arbitrated 100 records this morning. I figure I’ll do mostly arbitration to help clear the backlog after indexing.

    Draft cards are fun, but I like death certificates, too (twisted, I know).

    • Kathleen says:

      I’ve done about 150 this morning so far. So no matter what, I already feel very accomplished!

      I love death records too, really I love any records. The UK Birth/Christening Registers are fun too.

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