Verification is Wonderful

Ever since I started this journey into genealogy, I’ve learned something new everyday. It’s wonderful to learn so many different things. Whether it be a technique to searching the census or what exactly a Sawyer is. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in genealogy is to verify, verify, verify. I’m still learning all the different types of sources you can use to learn millions of different facts.

Awhile back, I found my William H Moore in a Chicago city directory. In fact, I found him in Chicago directories for the years 1866 through 1870.

Above is William‘s household in the 1870 US Census [1. 1870 United State Census, Chicago Ward 9, Cook County, Illinois; p. 248, family 1570, dwelling 2102, lines 25-29; July 7, 1850; National Archives Microfilm M593 , Roll 204.] It wasn’t until today that I had the idea to use the city directory on to verify that the William in this census is the same William in the city directory. Without some kind of verification, how would I ever be sure that my William was in fact living at 56 Foster all those years ago.

I’m happy to report that he is![2. J.H. and C.M Goodsell, Publishers, Printers & Stationers (1869), City Directory – Chicago, page 55 & 629.] I checked the neighbor right above, and the neighbor right below. In fact, the neighbor right below is also listed at 56 Foster. A little strange since the dwelling number goes up between their households. Maybe this was an apartment or duplex? I tried going for more neighbors but their surnames are a little harder to interpret then the Atzel and Pullver families were. I’ll try again later though!

Now I wonder what I can figure out now that I know his address!

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