GEA: Prospect Hill Cemetery

Two weeks ago, I visited Prospect Hill Cemetery in Caldwell, New Jersey. This cemetery is most likely overflowing with ancestors of mine. Until I research more, I think I’ve hit the limit of my knowledge of them.

Prospect Hill plot layouts

This is the closest I can come to laying out where my family plots are. They could be slightly off though. We weren’t exactly in the cemetery hunting mode. We were in wedding mode!

Overall I really loved going to this cemetery. The graves were layed out in a very easy to navigate manner. Every grave is actually facing one of the access roads. So there wasn’t a real need to get out of the car unless you wanted to. I walked the whole back half of the cemetery in a very short period and I saw LOTS of names that are familiar to me after so many years of researching Caldwell. I can’t wait to go back when I have more connections to find, or even just to take more pictures for Find a Grave. I will definitely take the advice of Russ from My Tombstone Collection (Thanks for the comment Russ!) and take more pictures of the surrounding areas so I can better determine where the plots were. I did that for some of them, but not all!

Leonard family plot
Lindsley Family marker

For example, I was able to pinpoint exactly where I found the Leonard family and Lindsley plots from this photo. I knew I had spotted the Leonard plot from the Lindsley plot and the Lindsley plot was right along the road.

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