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I like to keep things honest on this blog. So I have to tell you, I haven’t touched my genealogy since at least Sunday. I did index some records for FamilySearch during Glee this week, but that was about all I did in the genealogical sense. I also haven’t gotten any further on getting my WordPress design done. I’m about to the point where I’m going to have to call relatives for a bit of a pep talk. Low self confidence never helps these situations. I’ve been putting it off way too long!

I did have a comment on my last entry that was caught in my SPAM filter. I have both Akismet and a CAPTCHA image running though so it might not be SPAM. The poster said they were trying to view my blog on an iPad and it wasn’t working. So if any technology advanced people who have an iPad can let me know if this is a problem, I’ll try and fix it with the new design! It could just be that the iPad is like all those web browsers, it just doesn’t display proper coding like it should. Firefox and Opera are the only browsers I’ve seen that are most consistent when it comes to displaying code properly.

That’s not why I’m writing today though. I’m writing to inform you of alternative methods to finding genealogy records. A few years back (I can’t remember when), someone came across my family tree on Ancestry or this website (Can’t remember that either! Eek!). They said they had “found an eBay auction” they thought I’d be interested in. According to said auction, it was from an estate sale. At the time of the email, I wasn’t very good at checking my email regularly, so I was late for the auction. I did something I don’t regret though. I saved the preview pictures used in the auction.

Article for Reuben T and Anna Webb

After reading the parts of the article I could see, I can place the article around 1905. Unfortunately Anna died in 1906. My only headache is trying to place their 4 children, 27 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren, and 3 great-great-grandchildren. Oy! I have to make a chart for that I think! I’ve kept these images on my hard drive in a special folder since that day. Reuben is the brother of my 3rd Great Grandfather, George Washington Webb. They are two of the “orphans” mentioned in the little blurb at the beginning of my Grandma’s family tree. Also in this group of estate records were some Civil War records.

Discharge Paper for James A Webb

What’s great about this is even though I don’t have these records in my personal arsenal. I did learn something from them. Now I know there was a reason Reuben’s son disappeared after the 1860 census. Of course I suspected, but suspecting isn’t proof. The thing I’ve learned about the Webbs are that they were very involved in the Civil War. Reuben’s brother James F Webb allegedly died from wounds he sustained in the War. Reuben himself lost an eye and now it seems as if Reuben’s son was also in the war. You can bet that as soon as has the Indiana and Ohio service records up, I’ll be disappearing into them for awhile. I have found Reuben and his son in indexes but I’m so anxious to see actual records!

You want to know something eerie about my Webb family though? While I was going through the boxes of things from my Great Grandma Llewellyn (Dad’s side), I found a little booklet. In that booklet there was an advertisement for some kind of headache powder. In this add it had a testimonial from Mrs. Reuben T Webb of Tippecanoe County, Indiana. She endorsed the product with great passion as it relieved her very severe headaches! How crazy to think my Mom and Dad’s family had a LOST moment of path crossing!

These images are not mine. They were used to advertise an eBay auction years ago. I have no rights to these images and I am making no money off them. These images are in no way a source of documentation for my tree because I haven’t set my eyes on them. This entry is really to show how desperation for new information can lead to you saving images from anywhere, including expired eBay auction pages. I don’t condone or endorse this activity. I have no affiliation with eBay. I make no money from eBay. I didn’t even buy these records on eBay. I have no affiliation with the television shows LOST or Glee. Except that I love them. Don’t you love having fun disclaimer messages? I sure do. I can’t mention fluffy pajamas in this one though because it’s 1:30 in the afternoon and I am not in my pajamas… unfortunately.

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