Thank You Footnote!

Just wanted to take a minute to post this

On Wednesday, I posted about the things I’d learned from the first half of my 7 day free trial with I spent all week getting up early and scouring their records so I could really get the most out of my free trial. I kept notes in a draft here, so that I could post the recap halfway through (It was honestly my plan all along). It really was a great experience! There was an overwhelming response from that post. I’m so glad that people found it informative or entertaining in some way. I have a lot of fun rambling about all my ‘misadventures’ on this blog.

Yesterday afternoon I was informed I’d been given a complimentary membership to for one year! You can’t imagine how it made my day! I am so grateful for their kindness. I never would have been able to afford keeping the membership. I certainly wasn’t expecting anything out of my post, I just wanted people to see how much you can learn from the kind of records I was finding. Some records don’t seem like they can be helpful, like city directories, but they can make all the difference in the world if you know how to utilize them.

So thank you to for making my week so memorable and giving this girl a wonderful gift! I wasn’t going to post about’s generosity but I think they deserve a shoutout for their kindness. So often kindness goes unrewarded in this world, and I always try and let people know when they’ve done something that I really appreciate. Don’t worry about me wasting my year though, I spent half my lazy Friday reading old Chicago newspapers and playing around with the features of the website!

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