Mystery Monday: #004

Another Monday, Another Mystery picture.

Clifford H Redford and ?

What I Know:

  • Clifford Herbert Redford (my great-grandfather) is sitting in the front row on the left.
  • The back of this picture has Clifford’s name and William Herbert Moore
  • No one in the family believes that Moore is connected to our Moores. I beg to differ. There are no coincidences.
  • It would be Clifford’s daughter, a Redford, who would marry my grandfather,  a Moore.

What I Want to Know:

  • Is this William Herbert Moore related to my Moores? Since I don’t believe in coincidences, I find it hard to believe the William H Moore coincidence. If I’m right and my William H Moore had brothers who moved to America with him, wouldn’t it make sense if there was another line of Moores living in Essex County? Maybe that’s the reason my William retired to Caldwell, New Jersey. Maybe he had family close.
  • Who are the others? Are these school buddies? Work buddies? It does certainly look like a bunch of guys having a bit of fun for the afternoon, dressing up.

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