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Since I spent so much time transcribing and adding Bartholomew Taylor things into my family file, I’ve decided to go ahead and research him for fun. One of the things I do randomly when I research is I plug the ancestors name into Google and see what comes up. It’s pretty interesting to see what comes up.

I make sure to put the name in quotes. That just helps to cut out a lot of the wrong things. I added Maryland for good measure, since the Taylors are most often associated with Maryland.

Once the search is done, I check out the main results but then I go into my favorite part of Google searches… Books! This will search through a database of books that Google has online. These are all with the cooperation of the publishers so no need to feel like you’re sneaking something.

This is what was in the Marylanders to Kentucky book. I just wanted to show you what type of things are in here. That is definitely my Bartholomew Taylor, and you can see that it gives a whole bunch of Reference numbers. You can line those up with the sources. I actually found this exact book in my local library a few months back. So I’ve already been through it. šŸ™‚ I have photocopies around here somewhere, including what all those numbers mean. I’m pretty sure it’s easy to figure out though, like KPR:1835 is the 1835 Kentucky Pension Roll. I think all the things listed as reference to him have to do with the Revolutionary War, which I believe all those sources were created from his pension request.

The next result was The Wright Ancestry. The Wright family married into the Taylors a few times so I wasn’t surprised that Bartholomew acted as a witness to this Wright family member’s will.

Looking further into the will, you can see that once again a Wright has married a Taylor. Immediately I set about seeing if I have these particular Wright/Taylor ancestors in my file already.

It turns out that the “Sary Wright” is actually the wife of Bartholomew’s first cousin. My Maryland ancestors are a mess in my file though, so I don’t want to leap before I check everything out. Everything here would have come from thoseĀ descendantĀ reports from my Grandma. Ā So we’ll see how this turns out!

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