Bartholomew Taylor: The Big One

One week ago, I teased about what I found on Bartholomew Taylor when I was using Heritage Quest. I didn’t forget about it!

To tell you the significance of this find, I have to tell you a little bit about my history with Bartholomew. The picture above is of the Taylor side of the family tree I was given. The pretty excel version was for the Webb family. The Taylor family was just a big descendant report. It was actually two reports. One for John Taylor the first Taylor we know of (though not documented yet), and then branching off on Bartholomew’s line, which is where I’m descended from.

I inputed this all into whatever program I was using at the time and it’s been in my Original file ever since. I keep these original pages though. You can even see where I’ve made notes on the side. I would have gotten those notes from the MD GenWeb transcriptions for later use.

Anyway, the point is, these pages are the extent of my Taylor documentations. Except for what I’ve collected since then. Which for the Taylors is a mess and not much. Anyway, it was from these papers where I learned that the Taylors originated from the Maryland Eastern Shore! That was very exciting for me since I live in Maryland. I always thought I didn’t have any Maryland roots except for what we’ve put down. I’ve made a couple of trips over to the Knabb Research Center, but at the time I was nowhere near ready for the abundance of Taylor history they have there. I want to verify what I have before I go back, just so I can properly associate records with people. The papers I have show that many of the Taylors migrated from Somerset County, Maryland to Bracken County, Kentucky. I don’t know why since they were very prosperous in Maryland. My mom remembers reading an article about one of the Taylor boys “absconding from justice” and the family sold his belongings and followed him out of state. I don’t have the article though, so no proof.

I’ve never had any way of being 100% sure that the Taylors in Maryland and the Taylors in Kentucky were the same family. Sure I found them in Census records and they show the right birth dates and places, but we all know census takers made mistakes. So I couldn’t put it down as 100% fact.

That is until I found this record. The quality of the images aren’t that great, so I can’t put them on the blog and have them still be legible. So I’ll transcribe it for you tomorrow in an entry. This record though is where Bartholomew Taylor gives his first person account of his involvement in the Revolutionary War. He has great details for being almost eighty years old at the time. Not only are the details about his involvement in the War but also details the dates that he moved from Somerset County, Maryland to Bracken County, Kentucky. This is my first proof of this happening besides census records! I can’t wait to show you what a great find this is tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “Bartholomew Taylor: The Big One

  1. Kerstin says:

    Hello Kathleen,

    I’m researching a Bartholomew Taylor too, my 3G grandfather. He was born around 1780-1790, not know where. Before 1819, he moved to Georgia where he married Nancy Dismukes. Children named: Joseph, Thomas, Lucinda, Sarah, Nancy, Wesley. Did your Bartholomew have a son named Bartholomew?

    Any thoughts are appreciated.


    • Kathleen says:

      My Bartholomew didn’t have a son named Bartholomew that I’m aware of. Bartholomew was a family name though! It’s not out of the realm of possibility that your Bartholomew could be linked to mine, just not directly from this Bartholomew. I think Bartholomew’s great-grandfather had a brother named Bartholomew, I just haven’t done the proper research for that far back. I know my Taylors originated from Virginia and then migrated north to the Maryland Eastern Shore.

      Thanks for commenting and keep me updated!

  2. Andy Taylor says:

    I too am researching the Bartholomew Taylor/Nancy Dismukes line. I’ve spent over 10 years trying to trace my Bartholomew from Baldwin & Meriwether County, GA back to his birth place.

    • sandra E reeder says:

      I am research this Bartholomew Taylor/Nancy Dismukes line at a loss, unless he is related to the William taylor who was a Tuscarora Indian of Bertie County which I highly suspect.

  3. Robert Taylor says:

    I too am a decendant of Bartholomew Taylor. I am interested in more information of the Taylors in Maryland. I have visited New Haven where John Taylor had land patents signed by Lord Baltimore.John Taylors house is still standing and has been added onto.There are lots of Taylor records in the Stephany Parish records and the place of worship was the Green Church.
    My Father was born in Bracken County Kentucky in 1905 and his ancestors were direct decendants of Bartholomew. Most are buried in cemeteries at or near Lenoxburg KY.
    I am really interested in the history that determines the Taylors migrating from Virginia to Maryland. I have long suspected that but have not been able to prove that
    Please include me on your mailings with anything you may discover about the Taylors in Maryland and Kentucky. If there is anything I might be able to Share with you please just ask.
    Thanks so much for sharing your finds.

    • Kathleen says:

      It’s great to hear from you Robert! I will gladly share whatever I find with you. You can email me privately at and I’ll have your email so I can send you my finds as I get them. I do have a pretty good copy of Bartholomew’s 1834 sworn statement, where he is asking for a Revolutionary War pension. In the statement he states that he moved to Bracken County, Kentucky from Somerset County, Maryland in 1796.

      I have seen quite a few of the Stepney Parish records but it has been awhile since I’ve seen them. I actually live on the Western Peninsula of Maryland, so it’s a weekend trip to go over there and research when I have time. When I do, my first priority is looking for evidence of the move from Virginia to Maryland.


  4. Judd Taylor says:

    I am also researching ancestors of Bartholomew Taylor b.abt. 1774 married Nancy Desmurkes 03 Feb 1819 Baldwin co, GA. descendants Wesley Taylor, Henry Joseph Taylor. These are listed in tallapoosa co. Alabama 1850 census. Look at Nathield Lane Taylor web site 7 his Taylor Family in America. I saw additional information on Bartholomew there (I think) but can not find it again.

  5. Pam Manker says:

    I am a descendant of Bartholomew Taylor also through Joseph & Elizabeth Heaverin Taylor to Samuel Franklin & Elizabeth McCane Taylor whose son George Thomas Taylor and his wife Lena Leoti Morris Taylor, are my great grandparents. My grandfather, their son, Charles Raymond Taylor was married to Edna Ruth Kidwell, and their son, My father, is George Edward Taylor (mother–Dorothy Mae Cummins Taylor). My name is Pamela Kay Taylor Manker. I was excited to see your blog. Very interesting.

    • Kathleen says:

      Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog Pam! I hope to be back in the swing of things soon, but I definitely know exactly where you fit in by the names you mentioned, so that makes me excited! Usually I have to check my file first. 🙂 Let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like to know! I might even do a new Taylor post soon because I’ve been getting lots of questions in my email about them lately.

  6. Cindy and Tony Cascaddon says:

    My mother’s maiden name was Taylor and I have been told by her younger brother (my uncle) the Bartholomew Taylor was my 3G-Grandfather. The Bartholomew I have info on was born on or about Feb 7, 1755 in Somersett County, Maryland. I have my G-grandfather’s names back to my 11G-grandfather who was born in 1480 in Cheshire, England. I do not have any of their wives or children’s names. And I would very much like to get any and all information I can. If you or any one else has anything they would be willing to share I will happily do the same. Thank You. Tony

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