Random People: Hulda Adkins #0034

I had an idea! Why not share my progress on my “random people” with you! First up is Hulda Adkins. In my Original file I don’t have much on her yet. I have her 1870 listing, which was when she was just 9 years old.

Hulda Adkins
born: about 1861, Kentucky
Parents: Harrison Adkins, Rebecca Click

Hulda’s family in 1870 (Blue Lick Springs, Nicholas Co, KY)

After this point, in order to research Hulda, I’m going to have to research the rest of her family. I don’t have to fully research them, but I do have to figure out where the family is in later years.

I did find a Huldy Adkins living with this family in 1880. She is listed as a niece of the family. Since this Huldy isn’t living with anyone I have in my family file, I’m going to have to search out the rest of Hulda’s family in 1880 and see where they are. I’m going to have to make sure she isn’t living with them. Then I’m going to have to search out the Barnett family’s origins to see if they are in fact relatives of this Adkins family.

I did find Hulda’s mother, brother and two sisters living in Devils Fork, Elliott County, Kentucky in 1880. Her mother and sister Eliza Jane living with her brother McFarlan, and her sister Melvina living next door with her family. Still no Hulda though. It would make sense for her to be living with relatives in Nicholas County though. Her family originated from Morgan County until they for some reason moved to Nicholas County (where they were counted in 1870). Then the family once again packed their bags and went to Elliott County, which isn’t random, because Elliott County was formed in 1869 from parts of Morgan, Lawrence, and Carter counties. So they most likely moved back to the area their family originated. I’m going to guess it was after the death of Rebecca’s husband Harrison. I haven’t found a death record for him yet though, so I can’t be sure of the timing.

As of 3:54 today, I haven’t found any other location that Hulda could be in. True I haven’t scoured every resource, but I don’t want to get too frustrated. I’ll just move onto the next random number,  just to change it up a bit.

10 thoughts on “Random People: Hulda Adkins #0034

  1. Carol Anne says:

    I think that’s a neat idea to do the random person. 😀 I’m kinda doing the same thing you are {except the random thing}, and I’m finally getting together all my census records that I have and inserting children that I haven’t yet, and because of that, giving each of them a bit of search. Its a little overwhelming cause it seems like each family has about a bazillion kids. >.< But I'll get through it! Definitely keep sharing your progress. Its really fun to read it!

    • Kathleen says:

      Don’t get me started on the amount of children these guys had! ^.^ There were a lot.

      I’ll be giving an update on Hulda’s family today, I found something cool out last night!

  2. D. Ferguson says:

    Harrison is my g-g grandfather. Did you know that Hulda’s sister Margaret E. married Charles Barnett on Dec. 3, 1869. I have been looking for Hulda for years. Somewhere in my tons of notes I have her name as Mahulda and also Huldah. I have found seveal Hulda(h) Adkins but they were not the right fit.

  3. D. Ferguson says:

    From my notes:

    The Civil War had its lasting effect on the Harrison Adkins family. Family tradition has it that when Harrison’s son, McFarland, then age about 12 was plowing in the field with a yoke of oxen when Yankee soldiers came through what may have been Elliott County. The soldiers butchered the oxen for their supper. After that, it is little wonder that both Harrison and “Mac” were both feared and respected for the use of their guns. It is also stated that some years later when “Mac” was living in Nicholas Co., Ky., he met a man in the road and immediately recognized him as one of the Yankee soldiers who had butchered his oxen. “Mac”, without hesitation, relieved the ex-Yank soldier of his horse. ” (Note: The exact date that this Adkins family moved from Elliott County is not known, but Harrison is named on the 1869 Tax Roll of Nicholas Co., Ky. Harrison and “Mac” Adkins appear on the Nicholas County tax records until 1874. Information passed along to me indicates that some sort of tragedy occurred in this family in 1875, with Harrison Adkins being killed in a manner that I have not been able to prove. It does appear that “Mac” Adkins returned to Elliott County shortly after this tragic incident.)

    Mac was killed in a railroad accident in Morgan County, Ky.

  4. D. Ferguson says:

    I may be wrong about Charles and Margaret but I will continue to check. Macfarlin is my g-grandfather and our family history says that his sister Margaret married Charles Barnett but the ages don’t match up with her birthdate of 4 Aug. 1856 in Morgan Cnty. I guess I am going to have to dig through my tons of paperwork to find where I originally found the info. I checked my computer file and found no documentation. All this transpired at 3:00am! I do not think I will post anything else that early in the morning again. LOL

  5. D. Ferguson says:

    I am back: 1900 Nicholas Cnty Ky census
    Charles T. Barnett 52
    Maggie 51
    Frank 22
    Porise 19
    George 76 (Father)
    Rebecca Adkins (83) Mother in law

    So Margaret Barnett is the daughter of Harrison and Rebecca Click Adkins. So the Huldy of the 1870 Nicholas Cnty census was more than likely Margaret’s sister.

  6. D. Ferguson says:

    Margaret and Charles married very young if the marriage date is correct but that would not be unusual for that day and time.

    • Kathleen says:

      Oh yes, I’ve found plenty of young marriages in the whole tree, not just in the Adkins/Click lines. I really wish I had put more time into this at the time because I probably would have hashed it out for the most part.

      Except for the bits about “Mac” and Harrison. Thank you so much for commenting and bringing it to my attention! I’m going to put your comments into Family Tree Maker for when I get back around to the Adkins section. Right now I’m kind of overhauling my tree.

      Do you happen to know who Harrison’s parents were? I’m trying to connect him to the other Adkins in my tree and I’m just curious if you know who his parents were.

  7. Darlene Adkins says:

    MacFarlane Adkins is my husband’s grandfather. His death certificate states he was crushed by an engine. However, it was not a railroad accident, but a saw mill accident. He was working at West Liberty at the time and had left his family, wife Lula Stigall and their children in Elliott Co., Ky.

    • Donna Lambert Ferguson says:

      The newspaper article says it was a railroad accident. My grandfather Thomas Cundiff was the engineer of the big Shay that hauled the logs. He was sitting on something and the boom came loose and hit him in the head. Lula and children were living in Morgan Co. at the time. Thomas was married to Mac’s daughter Mary by his first wife. The Shay was a big old lumbering logging train. My dad’s grandfather and father , John and Vincent Lambert were were working for the same railroad at the the time of the accident. Grandpa Mac had been warned numerous times not to sit to close to the boom.

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