Diary of Llewellyn: Cast of Characters

One of the things that’s been on my to do list for a long time is to write up a “cast of characters” post for the diary entries on this blog. There are a lot of people who pop up on a regular basis.

Llewellyn Thorward: The writer. My great grandmother.

Geo: Llewellyn’s younger brother, George W Thorward.

Ma/Mama: Llewellyn’s mother, my 2nd great grandmother, Jennie V Love.

Pa/Papa: Llewellyn’s father, my 2nd great grandfather, Lewis Thorward.

La Moss: I haven’t figured out La Moss’ exact identity yet, but there is a mention of her birthday with the surname Menner attached in the diary. So it won’t be a mystery forever!

Willa: Willa Steinhoff. A friend of Llewellyn’s that regularly turns up in her diary. The Steinhoffs lived just around the corner from Llewellyn and her parents.

Flo/Flop/Florence: This is the first wife of Llewellyn’s brother, George. I’m guessing she is the Florence White listed in the May birthday list of the diary. (Yes there is a birthday list! I love Llewellyn!)

Uncle Rene: The husband of Llewellyn’s Aunt Agnes, Cyrene Wambough.

Aunt Aggie: Llewellyn’s maternal Aunt Agnes Love-Wambough.

Marguerite: Llewellyn’s cousin whom she was very close to, Marguerite Wambough-Renna

Also, I’m now 100% sure Uncle Rene, Aunt Aggie, and Marguerite are the other people in the picture mystery from two and a half years ago.

Family Picture

Bill Moore: Llewellyn’s husband, William L Moore. You first start seeing him in the diary in November of 1924. They were married in June of 1926.

Beulah Miller: A friend of Llewellyn’s who actually was the neighbor of the Moore family.

Uncle Dory: The husband of Llewellyn’s maternal Aunt Grace, Theodore Leonard.

Bill’s Aunt and Uncle from Belleville: William H Moore Jr and his wife Alice Porter.

Viola: Llewellyn’s cousin through her uncle, Alfred Love.

This list will most likely be added to as I go! I’ll put a link to it in the sidebar today. 🙂

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