Yearly Goals: Another Update

Personal Genealogy Files Goals

  • I want to finally finish re-organizing my ‘To Be Sorted’ folders on my second hard drive. Right now I have a folder of Mays photos, a folder of Moore photos, a folder of scanned photos and a folder of tombstones to be sorted into my 2010 filing system. (Hopefully it’s my final filing system!)  To be completely honest, I’ve been horrible and haven’t touched my ‘To Be Sorted’ folder at all since the last update. Oh gosh, what is my malfunction!
  • I want to have the whole Mays side of my family entered into my website and both FTM and RootsMagic. This is a big feat, since I’m behind on my RootsMagic work and there are a lot of Mays family members. I’m pretty sure getting a RootsMagic file together is on the back burner for now. I’m mainly just entering people in manually so that I can have the ID numbers be the same, but my Family Tree Maker file is getting closer. The website is in progress at the same time as my Family Tree Maker file, with some small exceptions that I bookmarked in FTM. So that’s going as well as it can be. I’m determined now that the summer is over and the hurricane is passed, I will work at least three times a week on this.

Online Genealogy Goals

  • Order at least 4 microfilm from the Family History Center. I’m hoping for one a quarter. I keep talking myself out of it because I want to get the most bang for my buck, so to speak. Enough of that! Time to get on with it! I still haven’t ordered any. 

Record Ordering Goals

  • I want to obtain the marriage certificate for William and Llewellyn. (I have notations of the date in Llewellyn’s records and a newspaper announcement, but I would like a copy of the actual certificate)
  • I would like to find the death certificate of Robert J Moore. (Brooklyn has no record of his death in 1925, so my next search would be Caldwell, NJ)
  • I have a copy of Llewellyn‘s birth certificate but it might be in New York at my Aunt Diane’s house. I’ll have to ask Uncle Chris about it in July.
  • Order death certificates for Lewis and Jennie Thorward.
  • I am going to be ordering the first certificate this week. The birth certificate is not in New York (apparently), so it must be lost somewhere. Unfortunately, this means I’ll have to order it and hope they can find it. I do know her name wasn’t on my copy of the certificate, so I’m hoping this is possible. I didn’t make it to New Jersey for many reasons, and so that’s no longer a hold out for me. Hopefully Caldwell or it’s records aren’t under water after the hurricane.

General Goals

  • BE MORE ORGANIZED! I ordered a copy of Elyse Doerflinger‘s Conquering the Paper Monster ebook and I plan to put it to use in the new year! With all that’s been going on in the last few months, I just haven’t had the time to touch my archives. I’m usually very good about starting and finishing big projects, it’s just I need a guideline sometimes. DONE. I am so organized it’s not even funny. My system is working beautifully and I know where to find everything when I need it. The only project left is to get my computer files finished.

Website Goals

  • Don’t break the site! I’ve had a horrible habit of breaking the genealogy software on my website. Usually because I mess around with it too much. I think I’ve learned enough through trial and horrible errors to successfully keep this goal! DONE. I am still working on the new website but I’m pretty sure I won’t break the main site since I refuse to mess with it until the new site is done and beta tested.
Okay, so now I’m off to print out some order forms for the records I want to order. I’m going to fill them out and place them in my outgoing folder so I can do one at a time as I get some extra money.
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