Catching Up and Search Term Fun!

Boy am I behind on everything! The good news is I had a blast with ‘The Aunts’. Which is what my cousin Summer and I kept referring to them as. Summer from Ohio, me from Maryland. It might take me a little bit to get back in the swing of things but I thought now would be a great time to pull out some of the search terms used recently by people. Hopefully what landed them here was close to what they found.

“obituary for jacob crisp” and “jacob crisp”

Yes you can find Jacob Crisp’s obituary on my blog here. I’m pretty sure that it was Jacob’s grandson who commented on my blog who was searching for the obituary. So score 1 for my blog!

“how we remember marshall taylor today”

I’m not sure what Marshall Taylor the searcher was looking for. I have several in my Taylor tree. None of my Taylor information has been added into the website database yet, but you can read some of my Taylor blog entries here.

“hammett family burial in lexington park mall parking lot”

I knew this would happen! Everyone wonders about it but there’s practically nothing online about it. My website is apparently now the #1 Google item when searching for this search term. You can read about the San Souci Shopping Cemetery here.

“elliott family of rowan county”

I don’t know about the Elliott Family but if you need to know about the Mays, Slusher, Click, Crisp, Adkins, Rowe, and a million others, you found the right place.

“grandma’s kitchen recipes blog”

When I started this blog, I had every intention of going through my Grandma’s recipe book and sharing some. Things happen though and it just didn’t come through. You can still read about her famous fudge recipe here though. There are some Grandma’s Recipe Blogs you can find though, The first few are: here, here, and here.

“brooklyn daily eagle online”

Words can not express how much I love the Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online. It was vital in breaking down a mystery for me on my Brooklyn Moores. You can read my write up about the paper helping me here. Or you can just go straight to the source: here.

“tng templates”

This is the top search term for my website. You will land on my writeup of the TNG Software I use. I do not have any links to templates, but it comes with 8 now and they are very customizable! The website for the software is here.

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