Helpful Maps of Scotland

Apparently when you’re researching your family history in Scotland, your Google Earth knowledge doesn’t help a whole lot. It helps for sure, but it’s hard to really see the lay of the land so to speak. I found two great maps though that really helped me. I found these through Google Image Searches. – I really don’t get paid by Google to say these things all the time, I just REALLY like Google. –

Scotland Clan Map. Wikimedia

The first one is this Clan Map. There are all kinds of clan maps around. I like this one because it’s basic and easy to read. I just wanted to see a general area of where the Clans were based.

Scotland Administrative Subdivisions. Wikimedia

This second one is a map of the Civil Districts/Counties. It’s hard when you’re researching a country you have little prior knowledge of. When I was trying to see where exactly the Menzies and Loves were turning up in Parish records and censuses I needed maps. Maps that didn’t over complicate things and required constant scrolling and zooming. I was amazed at how helpful this simple map turned out to be!

Both maps were found on Wikipedia/Wikimedia through the magnificent power of Google. They both now live on my hard drive where I feed them twice a day… Okay sorry, that was over the top. You can see the large, full size versions by clicking on the pictures. Enjoy!

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