Treasure Chest Thursday: Llewellyn’s Gifts


There is a little catch with today’s highlight. Technically, I posted about this in a previous post called, Part 2: I love this lady. That was June of 2010 and this is July of 2016, so I think it’s okay to talk about it again. I didn’t go into the details of the book before, just posted a few pictures from it. I thought, since I’m doing a Genealogy Do-Over, that it would be a good time to actually catalog the people in the book. I had previously transcribed it into a Google Doc, but this time I wanted to do something different.


This is Llewellyn’s side of the family. I had to cut out a LOT of people from the tree because they just wouldn’t fit. Everyone with a check mark has their address listed in her Wedding Gift book. I didn’t set out to see who gave Llewellyn a gift and who didn’t. I wanted to have an easy to read way of knowing whose address was listed in the book. I’ve always said Llewellyn was an amazing record keeper.

I added a question mark next to Viola Love because her father passed away in 1913. I believe her mother might have remarried. I believe that because in Llewellyn’s diary, she mentions Viola quite a bit, so I know she must have been at the wedding. I know that Viola and her mother were living in Newark. The entry in the wedding gift book is “Mr. & Mrs. Chas Haynes & Viola”. I will be tracking that one down when I get to that section of the tree in my Do-Over. The other thing I noticed was the lack of anyone from Jane Menzies side of the family. There weren’t a lot of Menzies in America, but there were a few in New York City at the time. It just shows that Jane’s death really cut that section of the family tree off from Jane’s children.


Wow! What a difference on William’s side. I’m not sure if this side is so sparse because I haven’t researched it as extensively or if it’s because the family was just small. I am having a hard time searching for Mary Johnson’s family right now, but hopefully that will change. I want to map out that family and see what I actually know about them.

Definitely a different view of my family tree! Just for fun, I will post a few more images of the book. I just love it that much!


If you look at my previous post, you would see that tucked inside this book is where I originally found my absolute favorite Llewellyn document. I call it the Menu Tree. I think that while going through her wedding planning, Llewellyn was bit by the genealogy bug. Her records show she was clearly very interested in where everyone fit together.


I know I can’t be any luckier than to follow in her footsteps. It’s not everyday that someone unknowingly inherits their Great-Grandmother’s family tree notes. I think that’s why I identify so much with Llewellyn. She started off thinking that she had a smaller family and then in her twenties, that thought was just blown out of the water with a huge extended tree.

Llewellyn is certainly giving me plenty to do, because I think I’m going to have to track down a lot of this F.A.N. network to see if I actually have more relatives hiding in this book. Can I just say again, I love this lady.

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