Mystery Monday: Beulah Miller

In the same batch of travel photos as the last Mystery Monday entry, we have these two.

Things I know about these photos:

  1. The name written on the back is Beulah Miller.
  2. The pictures were taken at the same time as the Alma Lycett picture. (sometime between 1923 and 1926)
  3. The trip was most likely with Llewellyn’s church, though I can’t confirm it yet.

Things I’d like to know about these pictures:

  1. Really I’d just like to connect the picture with it’s proper family! I know how wonderful it is to have a picture, so I’d love to know who Beulah belongs to!

Mystery Monday is an ongoing series I’m doing here on my blog. It’s also now a GeneaBloggers blogging theme topic. Feel free to post about your own mysteries!

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