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New York, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Helene L  4 Aug 1896New York, USA I0293
2 ?, Kate  About 1878New York, USA I0235
3 ?, Louise  About 1872New York, USA I0065
4 ?, Mary  About 1882New York, USA I0226
5 ?, Nettie J B  About 1862New York, USA I0227
6 Anstett, Lillian  Apr 1894New York, USA I0276
7 Anstett, Theresa  Sep 1899New York, USA I0277
8 Anstett, William J  Mar 1865New York, USA I0275
9 Bloodgood, Ada F  About 1871New York, USA I0234
10 Brent, Elizabeth  Jul 1890New York, USA I0272
11 Brent, James  Jan 1894New York, USA I0274
12 Brent, John Thomas  Dec 1847New York, USA I0270
13 Brent, Sarah  Apr 1892New York, USA I0273
14 Doremus, John  About 1829New York, USA I0110
15 Gibson, Adelaide  About 1881New York, USA I0268
16 Griffin, John  About 1893New York, USA I0278
17 Griffin, John  About 1922New York, USA I0281
18 Griffin, Mary  About 1919New York, USA I0280
19 Griffin, William  About 1918New York, USA I0279
20 Heiland, Harold W  About 1891New York, USA I0328
21 Johnson, ?  Apr 1880New York, USA I2799
22 Johnson, Anna  Abt 1862New York, USA I2796
23 Johnson, Eliza J  Abt 1860New York, USA I2795
24 Johnson, Mary E  Dec 1873New York, USA I0053
25 Johnson, Nellie  Jul 1870New York, USA I2798
26 Johnson, Willie  Abt 1867New York, USA I2797
27 Leonard, Theodore  Jul 1862New York, USA I0178
28 Love, Andrew R  Dec 1860New York, USA I0218
29 Love, Clarence E  1865New York, USA I0210
30 Love, Elmer E  Jun 1869New York, USA I0213
31 Love, Irving G  About 1867New York, USA I0212
32 Love, Lillian A  Jun 1874New York, USA I0214
33 Love, Loretta J  Jan 1867New York, USA I0211
34 Menzies, Alexander  About 1859New York, USA I0248
35 Moore, Alice  About 1909New York, USA I0062
36 Moore, Grace L  About 1916New York, USA I0066
37 Moore, Marion S  17 Feb 1898New York, USA I0051
38 Moore, Mary  About 1915New York, USA I0064
39 Moore, Mary Jane  Sep 1865New York, USA I0056
40 Moore, Ruth  About 1913New York, USA I0063
41 Porter, Alice  About 1878New York, USA I0061
42 Schmaeling, Gertrude  30 May 1908New York, USA I0059
43 Schroeder, Joan Marion  26 Nov 1930New York, USA I1523
44 Schroeder, Joseph  17 Feb 1899New York, USA I0060
45 Wambough, Cyrene Milton  2 May 1884New York, USA I0166
46 Wambough, Margeurite  27 Dec 1921New York, USA I0169
47 Winters, Anna  About 1907New York, USA I0265
48 Winters, Charlotte  Feb 1897New York, USA I0261
49 Winters, Elizabeth  Apr 1863New York, USA I0250
50 Winters, Frank  Dec 1872New York, USA I0257

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Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Moore, Robert James  Nov 1925New York, USA I0050
2 Schmaeling, Gertrude  4 Jul 1970New York, USA I0059

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