New Jersey, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 40.0583238, Longitude: -74.4056612


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Whitehorne, Laura Alice  About 1916New Jersey, USA I0098
2 White, Florence  About 1907New Jersey, USA I0071
3 Westervelt, Charles Van Buskirk  12 Apr 1899New Jersey, USA I0109
4 Ward, Smith B  About 1869New Jersey, USA I0116
5 Ward, Lulu Belle  Jul 1893New Jersey, USA I0119
6 Ward, John  Jan 1831New Jersey, USA I0114
7 Ward, Fanny  Apr 1872New Jersey, USA I0118
8 Ward, Emma  May 1870New Jersey, USA I0117
9 Ward, Ella  About 1866New Jersey, USA I0115
10 Wambough, John Howard  About 1909New Jersey, USA I0168
11 Walker, Jane  Jan 1870New Jersey, USA I0634
12 Vincent, William Wallace  About 1909New Jersey, USA I0185
13 Vincent, Walter J  About 1926New Jersey, USA I0188
14 Vincent, Thomas W  About 1929New Jersey, USA I0193
15 Vincent, Margaret J  About 1927New Jersey, USA I0200
16 Vincent, Lorraine M  About 1929New Jersey, USA I0201
17 Vincent, John Clyde  About 1927New Jersey, USA I0192
18 Vincent, Jesse Leroy  28 Jul 1903New Jersey, USA I0184
19 Vincent, Helen J  About 1925New Jersey, USA I0187
20 Vincent, Claire  About 1924New Jersey, USA I0189
21 Vincent, Barbara  About 1925New Jersey, USA I0191
22 Tombs, Willard F  About 1910New Jersey, USA I0132
23 Tombs, Walter D  About 1926New Jersey, USA I0137
24 Tombs, Selda  Nov 1889New Jersey, USA I0127
25 Tombs, Ruth W  About 1926New Jersey, USA I0136
26 Tombs, Marcus Harrison  17 Mar 1886New Jersey, USA I0125
27 Tombs, Lemuel K Jr  26 Jun 1883New Jersey, USA I0123
28 Tombs, Lemuel K Sr  About 1856New Jersey, USA I0122
29 Tombs, Irene D  About 1921New Jersey, USA I0135
30 Tombs, Harold M  About 1909New Jersey, USA I0131
31 Tombs, Dorothy M  About 1916New Jersey, USA I0133
32 Tinston, William John  12 Aug 1874New Jersey, USA I0305
33 Thorward, Robert Morris  3 Jun 1913New Jersey, USA I0096
34 Thorward, Raymond Lindsley  9 Mar 1907New Jersey, USA I0095
35 Thorward, Lewis  25 Jan 1875New Jersey, USA I0067
36 Thorward, George William  8 May 1903New Jersey, USA I0069
37 Thorward, Frank Springsted  30 Sep 1872New Jersey, USA I0092
38 Thorward, Dora  Oct 1879New Jersey, USA I0093
39 Sutcliffe, Sarah Ann  Mar 1873New Jersey, USA I0289
40 Stemmle, William R  Mar 1873New Jersey, USA I0304
41 Spencer, Eleanor M  Aug 1891New Jersey, USA I0326
42 Spencer, Edward E  May 1863New Jersey, USA I0325
43 Rousch, Anna M  About 1899New Jersey, USA I0162
44 Redford, Lillian Elizabeth  29 Aug 1906New Jersey, USA I0292
45 Redford, Alice E  About 1895New Jersey, USA I0308
46 Plume, Vivian  Jun 1898New Jersey, USA I0108
47 Plume, Leslie Jacob  5 Feb 1879New Jersey, USA I0107
48 Peter, William  6 Oct 1872New Jersey, USA I0194
49 Peter, Richard J  23 May 1898New Jersey, USA I0196
50 Peter, Ottilia  About 1902New Jersey, USA I0190

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Thorward, Lewis  23 Jun 1946New Jersey, USA I0067
2 Love, Jennie Viola  1 Nov 1960New Jersey, USA I0068

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