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Diary of Llewellyn

Diary of Llewellyn: March 29, 1925



Viola had terrible tooth ache. Did not go to S.S. with me. Bill & I went to Church. Took ride in afternoon to Englewood – Cresskill & Almy Palisades. Geo took Viola home. Pajnter preached at church & folks went out at night also.

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Diary of Llewellyn: March 28, 1925



Ottilie Lederer came down in afternoon. We got new furniture. Bill had dinner at house. Left about 4 o’clock. Viola came about 4 o’clock. Bill & I went to movies. Mama & Viola went.

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Diary of Llewellyn: March 25, 1925



Bill had to work. Folks met me at Montclair.

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