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Diary of Llewellyn: February 8, 1923

Meeting of Alethea class at Lillian Burtis’s. Margaret down to meeting. E met me after meeting and went home with me.

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Diary of Llewellyn: February 7, 1923

Grandma went home after being sick since Jan 27th at our house.

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Diary of Llewellyn: January 27, 1923

La Moss, Viola and myself saw the “Clinging Vine”. Viola came to the office with me. Had dinner at Yates.

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Diary of Llewellyn: January 26, 1923

Viola came up for the weekend. Grandma came up to our house sick with the grip. Train broke down and did not get home until about 7 o’clock. League Rally at church, but did not go.

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Diary of Llewellyn: January 25, 1923

Epworth League Business Meeting at Church. Went home very tired.

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Diary of Llewellyn: January 24, 1923

Mama, Papa, George, La Moss and myself went to Hippodrome for Pa’s birthday. Had supper at Yates. Very stormy night. The wind bew like mad and it rained very hard. “Bitter Times” name of show at Hippodrome this year.

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Diary of Llewellyn: January 19, 1923

The Alethea class had John Wanamaker’s Quartet out to the church. Made about $8. Very nice night. Grandma came up for supper and went to the entertainment with the folks.

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