Diary of Llewellyn: May 17, 1925



Took ride to Suffern in afternoon. Uncle Rene off. Had his car all taken down. Went to church at night. They came out about 9:45.

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Diary of Llewellyn: May 16, 1925



Went with Bill over to Brooklyn to see his sister & Uncle. Took ride down to Coney Island. Walked all around Brooklyn.

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Diary of Llewellyn: May 8, 1925



George’s birthday. Gave him a tire.

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Diary of Llewellyn: May 7, 1925



Took ride around & stopped at Kline’s and bought George automobile tires.

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Diary of Llewellyn: May 6, 1925



Took walk around our side of town. Folks went down to cemetery to fix graves. Met us at train in afternoon. Bill home about 10:15.

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Diary of Llewellyn: May 5, 1925



Bill played ball at Prospect Park. Mama cut out my rose blouse & white dress. To bed at 10 o’clock. Bill came home on 9:44.

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Diary of Llewellyn: May 4, 1925



Bill & I went to see Thundering Herd at movies in Caldwell.

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