I’ll be working up a Disclaimer page this weekend (after 7/5/2013). In the meantime, any works on this blog are the sole writings of me or my family. All personal pictures are my property. All records shown on the blog are the property of the agency I received them from.

I receive no profit from writing my blog, except for one time I wrote a post about Fold3 (then Footnote.com). They saw the post and gave me a complimentary membership. I paid the next two times myself. Which reminds me, I need to pay again! All other expenses of the website are paid out of my pocket unless a close family member “donates” some expense to it every once and awhile. I don’t need to make a profit for this website, it’s always been about finding family for me, so I don’t mind!

If there is any information I’ve erroneously put on the website, please find a way to contact me. I’m always willing to take something down if someone asks and I see that it upsets them to have it on here. I don’t put living people information in my database section so that should never be a worry for anyone, but there’s always a chance something slips through. If that’s the case, just email me and I’ll take it right down without pause!

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