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Our Traditions

Busy Weekend

It’s been so busy around here this week. My Aunts and their husbands visited for the first time in like 30 years this weekend. So we were busy cooking, catching up, cooking, and revisiting some old haunts. It was definitely a great visit. I’m getting much better at prying information from people. Don’t worry, there was no harm done, but sometimes you just have to steer that conversation back around to why Grandpa’s family practically disowned him. It’s just vital to my getting to sleep at night. Many things my Aunt told me, she said if I ever published before she died, she’d haunt me forever. Yikes!

We definitely have a project we’re working on though. Our own family cookbook. We have a very basic binder in the shed we can use. Everyone is going to send me some recipes for it. The ones that don’t, well I’ll just bug them until they do. The idea came about when I was showing them the Mrs. Rowe’s Restaurant Cookbook that I wrote about earlier. Both of them loved it so much they immediately had me order them both a copy. They should have them by next week, if not the end of this week. So that’s something we’ll be working on, and we hope to finish putting at least a first copy together by Christmas. We’ll see how things go!

Unfortunately, because my Ohio Aunts were coming, I had to miss my annual New York Moore Reunion. My dad and siblings went, but I stayed in Maryland to help Mom with the company. I don’t regret it! I did miss not seeing everyone but I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot of family stories when everyone was cutting loose. Now all I have to do is log them in One Note before I forget all the who, what, when, wheres.

I’ll keep everyone informed about how the Recipe book is coming!

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

I’ve got my Aunts from Ohio here, so I’ve been having a real good time this weekend. I thought I’d pop on real quick this morning and share my most patriotic pictures with you. These are from my Washington DC day trip back in April.

Happy Fourth of July guys, we’ve sure come a long way in this country. I couldn’t be more proud to be an American!

Memorial Day

I have indeed made it home from the quickest trip to Ohio in the world. I even managed to get some mountain driving practice in. I just wanted to take the time out to acknowledge our troops and all they’ve done for us. I was going to find a little flag graphic to post but then I remembered the plaque we got from Grandpa Moore when we took ownership of the van. So I figured why not. It’s a phone camera picture, so it isn’t great but it’s the subject that matters, not the quality. Also, feel free to ignore the mess of my desk. I am in coming home from a trip chaos.

I’m hoping next Memorial Day I can post a listing of a bunch of my ancestors who have served their country. There were definitely a lot of those.

Today I plan to do my usual Memorial Day routine, though because of the trip it might not be as productive. Memorial Day is usually my day to pop in my Band of Brothers DVDs and do genealogy all day long. I work best when I have things going on the TV that I don’t have to pay attention to because I’ve seen the good parts already. Usually I just keep everything off and enjoy the moment, but for Memorial Day/Veterans Day/D-Day, really just the military days, I like to add Band of Brothers into the mix.

Just for fun I’m going to throw in a picture of my father when he entered the United States Marine Corps.

So please enjoy the last day of the Holiday weekend and remember all our troops and their families have sacrificed. They are special people!

Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, I’m going to show you a little glimpse into what we worked on recently. Our first vegetable garden. It’s our first try, and we’re still noobies when it comes to things like this, but we’re trying. That’s all that really matters right?


Here’s my parents trying to figure out how the water source is going to work.


Poor dad, he’s stuck with a bunch of girly girls. We do our best though!


Should I have made them sign releases first? Oh well, they’ll yell at me later. Mom is the brains behind this operation.


Looks like it’s working to me!


Look Amanda came to assist! Now I get to keep taking pictures. That’s my job you know. I’m supposed to document everything. It’s an official role in the family.


Without my official role, these pictures would be impossible. So happy Earth Day!

Treasure Chest Thursday: Our Grandfather Clock

The next “treasure” I will show you is our Grandfather clock. This clock has only been in our house for about 6 years now. Technically we’ve owned it since it was made in 1983. The story goes that my Grandmother and Wayne were visiting us. Wayne was huge into the Civil War. Which is only fitting since he strongly resembled Abe Lincoln… Anyway, they were visiting and going around to all the historical sites. Obviously we are in the perfect spot for that. We are about 2 hours south of Washington D.C. and about 5 minutes from Point Lookout and St. Mary’s City.

They visited Sotterley Plantation one day while Grandma and Wayne were visiting. Sotterley is probably one of my favorite places in my area. I’ve only been twice in my whole life, but I love it all the same. During their visit to Sotterley, my Mom spied a grandfather clock. She fell in love with that clock. She turned to Wayne and told him, “One day I’ll have a clock just like that.”

Wayne went back to Indiana, and he made her that clock she said she wanted. The clock sat at Grandma and Wayne’s house in Dillsboro, IN for 20 years. Until one day, Wayne told us that we were taking it back to Maryland with us or he was putting on the lawn and selling it. We did what anyone would do, we packed up the clock and hightailed it back to Maryland.

This clock is in all my memories of Grandma and Wayne. That’s because it was made the same year I was born. I have such vivid memories of this clock. I can see Wayne now, sitting in his chair in the corner. He’d take his timepiece out and check the clock time. Then he’d sign as only a man with the most gravely voice (that was the emphysema) can do. Then he’d walk over and he’d pull the weights and adjust the time.

I’m pretty sure this picture was taken in front of Sotterley on that fateful visit. The baby would be my sister. I wasn’t born yet. This is probably one of my favorite pictures.

I recently was going through my mountain of pictures and came across a few more from that  visit. These are from D.C. How great are these shots? Even though we live close to D.C. we rarely go into the city. We keep trying to plan a trip but it’s just a little too close to home for it to ever get off it’s feet. Forces have been working against us.

Looking at these pictures makes me want to go real bad though. I better get on the treadmill and work up my walking endurance though. I’m sure it’ll be a lot of walking if we were to go. I’d like to learn more about picture taking too. It’d be great to actually get good pictures.

Treasure Chest Thursday is a Daily Blogging Topic that I got from GeneaBloggers. To participate in Treasure Chest Thursday simply create a post with the main focus being a family treasure, an heirloom or even an every-day item important to your family.

Today is Easter

I will probably spend it on the computer or in front of the TV. It’s a tradition you know. Not to mention we recorded the Ten Commandments in HD last night. Who can beat that?

Another tradition we have is decorating our kitchen table for the changing of seasons and holidays. It’s one of those traditions I count on even in sad times. We were living in a hotel one Easter, our house was being built. That Easter wasn’t our normal Easter but we managed to still make it our own. We need that kind of normalcy to get through tough times.

This is our Easter table. It’s simple and cute, and I love it.

Enjoy your Easter folks. Whether it be with your family, or if you don’t even celebrate it. Just remember what today stands for in America. It’s not just the Easter bunny. 😉 Oh and Happy Birthday to my big brother.

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