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Bartholomew Taylor: Record Transcription

State of Kentucky Bracken County St?

On the 19th day of May in the year 1834 personally appeared in open court before the Justices of the County Court in and for the County of Bracken in the State of Kentucky.

Bartholomew Taylor resident of the county and the state aforesaid aged seventy nine years on the 17th day of February last past who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.

That he entered the service of the United States a volunteer private militiaman in the latter part of the Summer in the year 1778 to the best of his recollection in the County of Smmersett and State of Maryland in which last named county he then resided under the following named officers Joseph Venabler Captain, Benjamin Venabler Lieutenant, Isma Baily Major, and was marched to Nanticoke River in said County of Sommersett, the object of which as the declarant understood was to prevent the enemy from passing up said River and destroying the cattle of the inhabitants on and adjacent to said river. The British and Tories as the declarant understood had a short time previous been at a town on said River called Viana and took grain there deposited and killed by cannon shot one American, this declarant then remained in actual service at least one month.

The next spring following the declarant again volunteered in the service aforesaid in the County of Sommersett was then marched to the Town of Princess Ann, the County Seat of said County of Sommersett and commanded by the above named Captain Baily, and Col George Deshield, the object of the last named service was to disperse the Tories who had at that time occasioned considerable alarm  and guard such of them as was and should be taken. The declarant then remained in actual service not less than three weeks.

The next year following the declarant again volunteered in the service as aforesaid as a Militiaman in said County of Sommersett and was then marched upon Wicommico River in said County below the town of Salsberry. The object of which was to prevent the enemy from passing up said River to said Town. He was then commanded by Major William Stewart, no other office recollected, and remained in actual service at that time not less than two weeks. Soon after some Militia were surrounded and taken by the British or Tories or both at a place called the Lower Terry on said River in said County of Sommersett, but were not retained as prisoners.

The declarant was the next year to the best of his recollection a volunteer in the Militia of said last named County and marched to the said Town of Salsberry to reell Tories that were there said to be embodied, many of whom were taken. He was then commanded by Lieutenant John Weatherly no other officer recollected, and remained in actual service at that time not less than two weeks.

The declarant further states that after the period last named he volunteered in the service aforesaid every year during the War, and some years more than once but to state how long he was in actual service each time and to what point he was marched, except that he was not marched out of said County of Sommersett in which his services were altogether required upon the aforesaid Rivers and to oppose the British and Tories, or to name the officers by whom he was commanded, is altogether impracticable, owing the laps of time since those services were rendered, the multi foresaid times the declarant volunteered and rendered services as a Militia Man, the various officers by who he was commanded, and his having kept no account or memorandum thereof, together with his loss of memory resulting from old age, the declarant can in truth say and doth say that he actually rendered service as Volunteer Militia Man in the County of Sommersett, State of Maryland in the United States Troops during the Revolutionary War, for a period of not less than six months. He further declares he has no documentory evidence of his said services nor does he now know of any person now by whom he can prove said services many part thereof.

He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or anuity except the present and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.

Questions proposed by the Court and the answers to them.

1st Where and in what year were you born?

Answer: I was born in Sommersett County, State of Maryland on the 17th Feby 1755

2nd Have you any record of your age, and if so where is it?

Ans: I had a record of my age, but do not know where it is at present. My children have married and left me, and suppose some one of them has the record.

3rd Where were you living when called into service, where have you lived since the Revolutionary War, and where do you now live?

Answer: I lived in the County of Sommersett aforesaid when called in to the service and lived in said County until the year 1796 and until I moved to Bracken County Kentucky where I have lived ever since and where I now live.

4th How were you called into service, were you drafted, did you volunteer or were you a substitue, and if a substitute for whom?

Answer: I volunteered my service at all times when in the service and served as a private soldier.

5th State the names of some of the regular officers who were with the troops where you served, such continental and militia regiments as you can recollect, and the general circumstances of your service?

Answer: I am inable at this time to name more of the officers or more of the general circumstances of my service than already stated in the body of my declaration.

6th Did you receive a discharge from the service, and if so by whom was it give, and what has become of it?

Answer: I have no recollection of having received a discharge from the service.

7th State the names of persons to whom you are known in your present neighborhood, and who can testify as to your character for varacity and their belief of your services as a Soldier of the Revolution

Answer: I am known in my present neighborhood to the Reverend Thomas P Thomas and John King who can testify to my character for varacity and to their belief of my serves as a Soldier of the Revolution

Sworn to and subscribed this day and year first aforesaid

Personally appeared in open court before the Justices of the County Court in and for the County of Bracken aforesaid Bartholomew Taylor who being sworn deposeth and saith that by reason of od age, the laps of memory and other causes as stated in the body of this his declaration, he cannot swear positively as to the precise length of his service, but according to the best of his recollection he served not less than six months as stated in the body of his declaration, as a volunteer and private soldier and for such services I claim a pension. Sworn to and subscribed the day and year first aforesaid.

The reverand Thoms P Thomas and John King ministers of the gospel of the Baptist denomination, residing in the County of Bracken, Kentucky hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Bartholomew Taylor, who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration. That we believe him to be seventy nine years of age, that he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a Soldier of the Revolution and that we concis????

This is a transcription and I may have made a few mistakes. I didn’t correct the spelling in the declaration, so anything that is in the declaration is as exact as I could make it.

Bartholomew Taylor: The Big One

One week ago, I teased about what I found on Bartholomew Taylor when I was using Heritage Quest. I didn’t forget about it!

To tell you the significance of this find, I have to tell you a little bit about my history with Bartholomew. The picture above is of the Taylor side of the family tree I was given. The pretty excel version was for the Webb family. The Taylor family was just a big descendant report. It was actually two reports. One for John Taylor the first Taylor we know of (though not documented yet), and then branching off on Bartholomew’s line, which is where I’m descended from.

I inputed this all into whatever program I was using at the time and it’s been in my Original file ever since. I keep these original pages though. You can even see where I’ve made notes on the side. I would have gotten those notes from the MD GenWeb transcriptions for later use.

Anyway, the point is, these pages are the extent of my Taylor documentations. Except for what I’ve collected since then. Which for the Taylors is a mess and not much. Anyway, it was from these papers where I learned that the Taylors originated from the Maryland Eastern Shore! That was very exciting for me since I live in Maryland. I always thought I didn’t have any Maryland roots except for what we’ve put down. I’ve made a couple of trips over to the Knabb Research Center, but at the time I was nowhere near ready for the abundance of Taylor history they have there. I want to verify what I have before I go back, just so I can properly associate records with people. The papers I have show that many of the Taylors migrated from Somerset County, Maryland to Bracken County, Kentucky. I don’t know why since they were very prosperous in Maryland. My mom remembers reading an article about one of the Taylor boys “absconding from justice” and the family sold his belongings and followed him out of state. I don’t have the article though, so no proof.

I’ve never had any way of being 100% sure that the Taylors in Maryland and the Taylors in Kentucky were the same family. Sure I found them in Census records and they show the right birth dates and places, but we all know census takers made mistakes. So I couldn’t put it down as 100% fact.

That is until I found this record. The quality of the images aren’t that great, so I can’t put them on the blog and have them still be legible. So I’ll transcribe it for you tomorrow in an entry. This record though is where Bartholomew Taylor gives his first person account of his involvement in the Revolutionary War. He has great details for being almost eighty years old at the time. Not only are the details about his involvement in the War but also details the dates that he moved from Somerset County, Maryland to Bracken County, Kentucky. This is my first proof of this happening besides census records! I can’t wait to show you what a great find this is tomorrow!

Madness Monday: Back Away…

Sometimes, you just need to back away from your family file. Well I do at least. I found myself this week re-thinking EVERYTHING that involved my research and my blog. I’ve already done the irreversible step of clearing out my Mom’s side of the tree on my website. Which I’ll never regret, because keeping it around was just wrong when I wasn’t sure of the validity of it all.

I’ve read enough on blogs in the last month or so to make me sweat about all things I think I know. It’s been a crazy, educational couple of months. In the end, I deleted everything but my Original Family File and then I made a copy of my Random Number RootsMagic file and plopped it into Family Tree Maker. No more files for me. These three are it. The Original file is now relegated to back up status, even though I back up the other two regularly.

So here I sit, with a clean start on both my website and my family file. Technically I’m not starting completely over though. I still have all those names in my file to contend with. I just won’t add them to the website unless I have them thoroughly and well sourced. Which brings me to my next decision.

I went through all the trouble of having to clean out my website database. This is so my Ref ID #’s on the website and in FTM/RootsMagic will be the same. I couldn’t change an already existing ID # in the website, which I understand completely. So I’m starting over with that in every since of the word. The decision I made though, is I’m going to go ahead and add my Random Relative Project relatives as I finish them. If I don’t feel comfortable adding them to the site yet on what I have, I won’t. Since I know so much more about things on the TNG software though, it doesn’t make sense to save them for later when it’s just as easy to add them now, and then link them in when I get there. It doesn’t harm anything really.

So that’s where I’m at. By the way, I put eighty million categories on this post because they all fit, and I’m obsessed with categories. Maybe I just need to put up a Kathleen is Category Crazy category for days like today… or maybe I just need to leave it as Family File Hijinks and Madness Monday. Here I go again. :)

Madness Monday is a daily blogging theme I got from GeneaBloggers. To participate in Madness Monday simply create a post with the main focus being an ancestor who may have suffered from some form of mental illness or an ancestor who drives you “mad” because you have trouble locating them or locating more information about them.

Dear Faithful Reader

As someone who has made the effort to come to my blog, I feel I must be completely honest with you. You’ve spent your time reading my random ramblings. That’s a significant commitment to me. My family are the only ones who do that. So if you take the time to read my ramblings, you deserve the truth…


I am crazy. That’s right, I’m certifiable. Your eyes don’t deceive you. That is six different family files. In fact it’s three of each kind from only two different programs. You’d think I’d at least spread the wealth to more than two programs. I should have thrown at least a third into the mix. Backup-File is the RootsMagic I’ve been working on. Big-Family-File is the Family Tree Maker file that has all the people and none of the sources. Big-File is another RootsMagic file but this one has all names and no sources. I was going to go through and add them when I was in a census mood. Instead I’ve been doing that on Family Tree Maker. Not because I prefer Family Tree Maker but because I forgot I was doing it in RootsMagic. Both Family-File files are the current working files. That’s right I started over AGAIN. Who knows why I do this to myself. I’ve got to be crazy to continuously be starting my organization over. I have to find the right balance soon right? I’m already second guessing what I have. is actually my original file. The one that’s been in progress since 2004. I’ll never delete it, I even still open it for reference points sometimes. *sigh*

I’ve been researching my family history for many years. As long as I can remember. At least since I graduated high school in 2001. I’ve had an membership since 2004. It was way more complicated then. They had separate memberships for Census records, Newspaper records, Vital records, Family tree records. It was nuts. I’ve had this domain since 2005. Before the domain I had a tiny little website provided by my internet provider. I was just teaching myself HTML as I went along, I had no idea what CSS or MySQL was. I can’t imagine how I thought my little website would survive in those conditions.

The one thing that has never changed is my one and only talent for messing things up. I’m afraid now that if I keep going on this course I’ll never make any progress in my tree. I’ll just be continually starting over again. I spent yesterday in the censuses, I actually found Joshua Johnson in 1850. It’s a great discovery, I’ve been looking for awhile. Unfortunately my discovery is overshadowed by my indecision about the family files. Maybe what I need to do is delete all those extras except (sentimental) and the Family-File files.



I’m a genealogy hoarder and I need help.

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