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Gladys Crisp

1930 Census. Roy Williams household. Rowan County, KY

I’ve been looking for various Crisp children in the 1930 census. I finally found Gladys (child of Jacob Crisp) living in the household of Roy Williams as a lodger. I noticed that there is a child, Roy, listed. For a minute I was sure it was Gladys’ son because it shows his last name as being the same as Gladys’ and it says Lodger son. Taking a minute to view the rest of the incoming information, I realized that maybe there was a miscommunication, because Roy shared a name with his mother’s landlord.

I left the two other households in the image because Caudill and Puckett families actually married into the Crisp family also.

Kentucky Birth Index, 1911-1999

This led me to the Kentucky Birth Index on Ancestry. With such a big Kentucky family tree, I really love this index. You can see above that I find Gladys’s son Roy Fultz in the index. So this brings up more questions. My next step would be to look for a marriage between Gladys and a Fultz. There isn’t a marriage index for that time period so I’ll have to add that to my Kentucky research trip list.

My Family File

Interestingly enough, Gladys’ mother was actually a Fultz.

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