Website Changes

Over the last month, I slowly started making some visual changes to the website. I got rid of all that brown and made the website brighter and more colorful. I was having a hard time getting up the gumption to even work on the site, so I went ahead and applied the TNG theme updates, fixed some bugs, and just went live on that side.

screen cap of new website design
New site

The only downside is it’s just not complete yet. As you can tell in the screen capture, the sidebars are still incomplete and I haven’t quite decided what do with my open space on the main page. I want to live in the design awhile and see what is most efficient.

Temporary Blog Theme
Temporary Blog Theme

The other problem with the new theme was that I hadn’t worked out the blog theme yet. WordPress is a completely different kind of beast when it comes to coding. I have no doubt I can figure it out, but it’s definitely going to take some time. In the mean time, I needed the change! I was ready to get this new design going and I felt like forcing it was for the best. So for just a little while, both parts of the website are not going to match. When all is done though, it will be great and I’ll even have the new Diary of Llewellyn section up too.

So please pardon my dust and thanks for hanging in there with me during this strange year!

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