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I’m pretty sure back on October 31st, I didn’t realize that I’d be taken an almost three month genealogy hiatus. I have no idea what made that happen, it just did. So I apologize for only posting diary entries for the last three months and hopefully, I’ll be getting back in the swing of genealogy here soon. Some of my plans include, updating you on the never-ending site re-design, the tragedy the befell my organization system, and get some thoughts out about finally getting around to communicating with my DNA matches on I may have only glanced at things in the last few months, but I still have a ton of thoughts running through my head!



One of the things that I want to change with the next site design, is making conversations easier to follow. I get a lot of random questions on older entries and sometimes I worry that my replies get lost in the shuffle. So I’m going to be thinking about ways to resolve this in the future. One of my more recent questions came from Kathy, who wanted to know what fonts I used on my Genealogy Binder. I previously wrote twice about my ever evolving genealogy binder. Post #1, Post #2.

If I’m being perfectly honest, I most likely change fonts almost everytime I print a new page out. So it’s always changing, but I’m definitely happy to share what fonts I’ve used and liked!

Front Cover of Genealogy Binder

On the front page of the genealogy binder, I used the main fonts that I also used in my website banner. These are probably my two favorite fonts. The cursive one is called Aquarelle and the other is called Pupcat. Aquarelle is actually a free replica of a commercial font I once had but lost in a computer failure.

One of the reasons I always seem to change my fonts, is that I need for them to be easy to read at a glance. Or maybe sometimes I just want a simple font instead of a fancy one. Most of my the fonts I use are available for free somewhere on the web.

Original Repository List page

For my original Repository List, I think (sorry!) I used another favorite Desigers. This font is also being used on the Diary of Llewellyn buttons in my sidebar.

Contacts List
Contacts List

For my contacts list, I’m still using the font Callie Hand. It’s a very nice, easy to read handwriting font.

Repository List
Repository List

A newer download for me was A Song for Jennifer. I’m really liking this font a lot. Right now it’s taking up space on my new Repository List.

Records Ordered List
Records Ordered List

Other than using basic fonts like Times New Roman, Georgia, and Century Gothic, the other font I use regularly is called Aubrey.

Really though, the best advice is to just look around free font download websites and find what you like! I once had a huge addiction to fonts, though now I like to keep it a little more simple. If I missed a font that anyone specifically wanted to see, then please don’t hesitate to ask!

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