Auto-Tweeting Gone Wrong

New blog post: Diary of Llewellyn: March 25, 1924 #genealogy
Kathleen Moore

What you see above is a tweet that automatically posts to my twitter. Back when I first started the blog, I decided to automate that kind of tweeting from my website with the Twitter Tools plugin. Lately I’ve been rethinking it.

For what seems like months, I’ve noticed that my website tweets will sometimes be missing my default hashtag of #genealogy or sometimes don’t show up at all. That may not seem like a big deal, but it really is for me. I don’t want to spam my friends, family and twitter followers with multiple tweets about the same blog post. What is the point of auto-tweeting if you have to go back behind it and either delete and redo the tweet, or post a new tweet anyway. It seems kind counter productive to me.

I usually tweet from my phone, but I might have to give TweetDeck another try if my auto-tweeting is going to stop working. Oh well, I think going the old fashioned way might be better anyway. Maybe it will slow me down and make me think through what I’m doing more thoroughly.

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