Notice: Hurricane Irene

As of 3:36 Sunday afternoon, I am currently without internet service. Due to the severity of the power issues in St. Mary’s County, I am unsure if my Diary of Llewellyn series will continue on September 1st.

I do have power at my house, thank you SMECO! However I don’t know if the Internet will be back in time for my entries to continue after the last day of the month. I usually write up two weeks worth of entries at a time. My current scheduled entries end August 31st.

There is still plenty of time for it to come back, I am just giving you advance notice of the situation. The way my life goes, the second I publish this entry, the internet will come back. If the Internet does not come back in time, I will just continue my one entry a day posting until we catch up. Heck I might use the nifty app I’m using to type this entry.

If you are a family member who regularly keeps up with Llewellyn’s diary, drop me an email at leeny.moore (@) I am going to start putting together a regular Word document transcription to share with family members who are also researching the Love and Thorward families. I just want to have a bit of control over who the diary goes out to.

Good luck and stay safe everyone who is dealing with this hurricane, she was a nasty one!

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