A Family Tradition

I promise I won’t turn this into a quilting only blog, but I’ve recently learned that quilting has a very big footprint in my life. Everything I’ve ever come to really enjoy and cherish, has ended up having some place in my family history. It just so happens, quilting is also one of them. If I hadn’t hurt my ankle, I’d get Grandpa’s baby quilt down so I could take some pictures of it. That’s not going to happen today though.

Quilting actually has a much more recent footprint on my life. Two of my Aunts came to Maryland this Spring and taught me the basics I needed to know about quilting. They taught a third Aunt at the same time. It’s become such a passion for me, and I talk with my Aunts all the time about different patterns and fabrics. It’s a lot of fun for me.

I also learned a very valuable lesson from my Aunt when she sent me a box recently.

She sent me a box full of quilting patterns. Quilting patterns from the 70, 60s, 50s, and the 40s! These weren’t her patterns, but someone from her quilting group. When I saw all the different names, it made me realize. You may not have children or grandchildren that are interested in your “hobby”. However, that doesn’t mean it’s worthless. You just have to find someone who can appreciate it. Whether it be your niece in Maryland, or a friend at your quilting class.

Heck, there were even a few practice blocks in there! Hand sewn I might add. The same can be said for my genealogy. I might not have children or grandchildren one day that will want my stuff, but that doesn’t make it worthless. I just have to keep my eyes open to the possibilities.

By the way, my favorite trick is the sandpaper trick! No slipping and sliding for those templates!



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